Make a Miniature Easter Egg Tree

Written by Joan Bramsch and Vicki Metzger

How To Make A Miniature Easter Egg Tree

Tools: craft knife, scissors

Supplies: - 1" dia. container or clay pot - 1/8" dia. dowel, 3" long - 1" dia. styrofoam ball - shredded greenery - foam or moss - oven-bake clay - Easter egg colors - 1/8" diameter ribbon (optional) - scrap styrofoam - white tacky glue - moss or ground coffee for ground cover



1. Glue scrap styrofoam inside container. 2. Glue ground cover over styrofoam. 3. Apply glue onto end of stick and insert into center of pot. 4. Cover 1" styrofoam ball with glue and apply shredded greenery.

Miniature Pinwheel, Windchime & Windsock Decorations

Written by Joan Bramsch & Vicki Metzger

Miniature Pinwheel, Windchime & Windsock Decorations

PINWHEEL - Supplies: 3/4 inch sq. stiff ribbon, glue, toothpick.

Instructions: 1. Take your square piece of ribbon and cut from each corner almost intorepparttar center (diagonal) 2. Then pull one corner to center and glue. 3. Repeat for other three corners. 4. Glue pinwheel to toothpick.


WINDCHIME - Supplies: 1 1/4" ring, thread, (6) 1/2" tube beads, small charm, 1 seed bead, glue.

Instructions: 1. Tie six 4" threads to ring. Glue in place. 2. Every other thread (3 of them), clip to ring. 3. Pull 3 threads to top. 4. Six threads at bottom & string 1 tube bead on each. Glue, then clip off extra thread at bottom. 5. Take 4" extra thread. Glue charm on end. Tie at top, along with other three threads, makingrepparttar 116352 balanced hanger. Seed bead becomes clapper.

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