Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Written by John Colanzi

Asrepparttar new year approaches it's time to make your resolutions forrepparttar 124013 New Year.

You startrepparttar 124014 New Year with "Great Expectations." You set your goals forrepparttar 124015 coming year and you promise that this year you'll stick to them.

As time goes by you hit a set back here and an unexpected problem there and your goals fly outrepparttar 124016 window.

Why do you suppose that is?

I can tell you why. You've been programed to rememberrepparttar 124017 negatives and forgetrepparttar 124018 positives.

We lose our "Great Expectations"repparttar 124019 first chance we get.

There's a story that illustrates this point.

There's a large group of individuals at a positive thinking rally. Asrepparttar 124020 speaker is talking in walks a man with a ticket in his hand.

The speaker pauses and announces, "One of you has been chosen to receive $1,000,000.

What do you think flashes through their minds?

"I know it's not me, I never win anything."

A little later a man walks in with an executioners outfit on. The speaker announces this time, "I'm sorry, but one of you is about to be executed."

Are you on the right track?

Written by Robert Knowlton

Are you onrepparttar right track?

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935)

Living on purpose. It's a growing, evolving process. It takes focus, clarity and regular reflection. Here's one story about a client's evolution and effort to stay on purpose.

Paul is doing some incredible things. His business bottom line is up and stronger than ever. There are new opportunities onrepparttar 124012 horizon allowing him to live his dream and in many ways he's onrepparttar 124013 leading edge in his industry.

I met Paul four years ago. He was referred to me when I was making marketing calls to businesses in my area. Paul was very interested in personal and professional development. Our first call lead to some interesting conversations and Paul subsequently participated in many classes I taught. Two years ago, Paul joined my purpose discovery workshop, resulting in his purpose statement:

"I eagerly seek to acquire and share knowledge to be of benefit to all."

Paul told me he had always wanted to be a public speaker and to him, his purpose statement was a clear reflection of this desire. By understanding this is what he naturally loved doing and sought to contribute, Paul began to shift his life and pursue his dream. We started a weekly coaching program. He also signed up for Toastmasters to hone his speaking skills and he hasn't looked back.

Paul's company is a small independent wholesale supplier of cleaning and sanitation products. You might be thinking to yourself, "That doesn't seem very glamorous. I thought you said he's doing some incredible things. He's just selling cleaning products."

Paul's business is selling cleaning products, but his real passion is infection control. He has taken it upon himself to develop an expertise in cleaning and infection control so healthy people don't get sick and sick people have a chance to heal. He's not a scientist, but Paul understandsrepparttar 124014 science of infection control. His real specialty, however, isrepparttar 124015 Art of Infection Control. He'srepparttar 124016 "what to do and how to do it guy" people in his local health care community often turn to for advice.

Today, aside from running his business, Paul speaks at conferences and is connecting leading experts inrepparttar 124017 field of infection control withrepparttar 124018 front line hospital and nursing home staff acrossrepparttar 124019 country by leading and facilitating group TeleLectures onrepparttar 124020 phone.

Let's back up two years. Although he longed to speak in front of groups, Paul felt handicapped by a slight stutter. It wasn't until he realized what his purpose was, " acquire and share knowledge..." that despite his reticence, he decided to go for it.

Paul is developing an excellent reputation now and in just two years, is known as an "expert" in his field. He has no Ph.D. in science and doesn't really need one. He calls on others' scientific expertise when needed. He's able to make a fantastic contribution through what he knows, "The Art of Infection Control" -- how to userepparttar 124021 Science.

Education inrepparttar 124022 Art of Infection Control is part of Paul's vehicle for touchingrepparttar 124023 world. Inrepparttar 124024 beginning, Paul had a lot of doubts about actually making this happen. "I need a degree," he thought. "No one will take me seriously," he told me. "I don't know how to speak to groups," etc., etc. All of these "issues" have been overcome and he is indeed living his dream. His goal of speaking and sharing his knowledge and insights aligns with who he is. It "just seems natural." When you act in alignment with your deepest drive to contribute, it never really feels like work.

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