Make Your Own Fishing Decor from Fishing Gear

Written by Elly Kendall

Decorating with old, used fishing gear is fun, creative and inexpensive. It's pretty easy to find unique fishing gear to use as decorating items for your log cabin or home. Here are a few fun ideas for your fishing decor projects.

First you will need fishing gear. My husband is notrepparttar fisherman in our family, I am. So it's easy for me to save old fishing lures thatrepparttar 139668 hooks have dulled and gives me a great excuse to buy more too! Bobbers have a tendency to stop floating after a few whacks onrepparttar 139669 rocks alongrepparttar 139670 shoreline, rendering them useless torepparttar 139671 fisherman but a great find forrepparttar 139672 decorator. If you confiscate gear from hubby's tackle box remember you now know what to get him forrepparttar 139673 next holiday or special occasion!

Yard sales and estate sales are great for purchasing inexpensive, used fishing equipment for your decorating projects. Yard sales are less risky than hubby's tackle box too. Keep an eye out for used fishing nets, poles, lures, bobbers, metal stringers and other gear.

The last thing you want is your fishing decor to smell fishy. Be sure to clean everything very carefully and thoroughly. I use alcohol for lures, bobbers and such. Good detergent and bleach for nets. Vinegar and lemon juice work well too.

What type of decorating can you do with your accumulated treasures? This is whererepparttar 139674 fun really begins, let your imagination shine. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Minnow buckets make good catch all containers for bedrooms, kidís rooms and bathrooms for items like crayons, hair do-dads, brushes and combs etc. If you are really crafty they can be turned into lamps. Buy lamp fixtures atrepparttar 139675 hardware store or inexpensive narrow based lamps that fit intorepparttar 139676 top opening ofrepparttar 139677 minnow bucket.

Make your own fishing swag from long pliable twigs, boat line or saining nets. Make sure you either removerepparttar 139678 hooks from lures and replace with twisted wire shaped like hooks or sniprepparttar 139679 points off with heavy wire cutters. I have put chunks of cork onrepparttar 139680 ends of each point, these look like baited hooks! Fromrepparttar 139681 twigs I randomly tie bobbers and lures with mono filament (fishing line). I like to use cafe curtains with curtain clips on these swags because they hang belowrepparttar 139682 bobbers and lures. Curtains withrepparttar 139683 long tabs work great as well.

10 Innovative Game Features

Written by Winston Malton

Watch yourself struggle, sweat, collapse as you turn your video game console into a personal trainer.

Here are ten waysrepparttar latest development by Eye-Toy technology is doing away withrepparttar 139519 couch-potato stigma that's commonly attached to gaming, and developingrepparttar 139520 hottest new innovation movingrepparttar 139521 video game industry right now.

1. Dubbed Eye-Toy Kinetic,repparttar 139522 game assesses your weight and your height to devise a workout for you. In some cases it will even devise a certain number of calories to burn. It designs a personalized physical training or workout program. You can customize your workouts to make it suitable for getting you in shape, losing weight, or toning your muscle. It feature exercises from four different disciplines, four exercise zones available to you: cardio, combat, toning, and mind & body, such as meditation and yoga.

2. You go at your own pace and monitor your progress alongrepparttar 139523 way. It will also take advantage ofrepparttar 139524 PS2's internal clock to keep you on a regimented 12-week workout. It's not a game so much as a virtual home fitness center and cheaper than a gym membership.

3. You interact with one of two virtual fitness trainers to keep you motivated. One is male,repparttar 139525 more gung-ho type with his loud fitness platitudes, and one is female,repparttar 139526 more reassuring ofrepparttar 139527 two. Miss a workout and expect to get an earful from one of them.

4. This game technology requires a user to step face to face withrepparttar 139528 screen used with a console. A minicamera beneathrepparttar 139529 screen to project your image ontorepparttar 139530 screen and allow you to capture a full range of motion onscreen. It will userepparttar 139531 EyeToy peripheral to actually track your activity and motion.

5. A boxing match places you inrepparttar 139532 center of your TV screen and pitsrepparttar 139533 virtual you against a Mr. Universe. Another challenging game has you facing off with an likeness of yourself, punching balls coming at you onrepparttar 139534 screen, while steering clear of other ones. Here you are playingrepparttar 139535 game with real punches that tire a you out, jumping on a small mat. You work up a good sweat.

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