Make Your Link Exchanges Sticky Content for Visitors

Written by Toby Wolf

There are a lot of webmasters who spend a substantial amount of time "working" their link exchange program. But very few who realize that a good link exchange program can not only increase your back links and your search engine visibility, it can also be used as a feature to attract and retain visitors. (Andrepparttar visitors I am talking about are NOT just other webmasters who are looking to exchange links!)

It may take a little more work than you are currently investing inrepparttar 131633 links you put up on your site, but its well worth it. We have just begun creating a very dynamic link exchange program for Security Resources Inc., and within just a few weeks, not only hasrepparttar 131634 entire links directory been spidered by Google, Yahoo, MSN and others, it is averaging 20 visitors a day. And over half of those visitors actually click through torepparttar 131635 Security Resources online store.

I can almost hear you thinking, "20 visitors? Thats ALL? Big deal!" Ah but it is a big deal when you consider thatrepparttar 131636 Security Resources Links Directory contains fewer than 100 links, (so far), and that 99% of these visitors are drawn torepparttar 131637 site BECAUSE ofrepparttar 131638 link directory, and that 95% of them are NOT other webmasters just looking for a place to exchange links. Add to that a whopping 26% ofrepparttar 131639 visitors have addedrepparttar 131640 Links Directory as a bookmarked favorite! If our results of a similar link exchange directory at Webs 4 Christ are an indicator, it would be safe to predict thatrepparttar 131641 Security Resources Directory will be averaging well over 100 visitors a day withinrepparttar 131642 next 30-60 days. How many of those will turn into buying customers? Perhaps only 1 percent - but that alone would be 30 additional sales per month!

7 Online Copyright Myths

Written by Judith Kallos

Possunt quia posse videntur ~ (Latin: They can because they think they can.)

One ofrepparttar most misunderstood issues online has to do with copyright. Both with e-mail and Web site copyright issues. For some reason, as with many things online, there is this incorrect perception that anything goes. However, many are finding outrepparttar 131631 hard way that when it comes to protecting creative collateral, copyright is law. And, copyright laws can and are being enforced online.

No, I am not an attorney. Nor do I play one on T.V. But I can help you avoid potential problems based on guiding clients for over a decade. Hopefully, this effort will help others from finding outrepparttar 131632 hard way that copyright is alive and well online.

1) “I can right click, save anything online and use it how I wish.”

This is a perfect example of just because you can doesn't mean you do! Those graphics or files were created by someone out there. They legally attainedrepparttar 131633 copyright upon that file’s creation. Without their specific permission to use that file or graphic, you have no right to just take it and use it as you please. Always ask a site owner before you illegally swipe anything off their site.

2) “As long as I noterepparttar 131634 author’s name, I can use their site’s content on my site.”

Although you are being nice and giving credit where credit is due, you still need to askrepparttar 131635 author’s permission to post their work on your site. The author may not want their information posted anywhere off their own site or they many not approve of your site as a venue for their information ­ that is their choice to make not yours. Always ask a site owner if you can use their content before you put it on your site.

3) “I can link to graphics on other sites so that they display on my site.”

O.K., maybe you didn't actually downloadrepparttar 131636 graphic and put it on your server, but if you are displaying someone else’s work on your site without their permissionrepparttar 131637 bottom line is stillrepparttar 131638 same. And, you are using their server’s resources to display something on your site. Shame on you!

4) “I can display pages from other’s Web sites within frames on my site.”

Many site owners prohibit their site pages from being framed within another site because it givesrepparttar 131639 impression thatrepparttar 131640 other site createdrepparttar 131641 information. Many times folks innocently do this so they don’t have to send site visitors off their site for information they want to provide. Others do so to precisely giverepparttar 131642 impression it is content they created. A better option is to link torepparttar 131643 information you like and create a new window to open when doing so to ensure your site is still available to your site visitors.

5) “If I only quote a portion of other site’s content and link to them I do not need their permission.”

Again, it would behoove you to have permission to do so. Using only portions allows you to possibly giverepparttar 131644 wrong impression aboutrepparttar 131645 author’s overall content and this can be misleading at best. If you want to quote any written work in whole or part you need to ask permission to do so.

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