Make Your Fortune in a Paper Business

Written by J. Stephen Pope

The problem with some business ideas is their cost. To manufacture and market a product you have invented could cost you millions of dollars. The investment in machinery, buildings, inventory and other expenditures could bankrupt you before your first sale ever occurred.

For this reason, many prefer to run a paper business. Paper businesses do not require large investments of capital for expensive equipment, inventory, and buildings. Many paper businesses can be run from your own home.

A paper business is a business that can be operated mainly using pieces of paper, such as contracts, invoices, shipping documents, et cetera.

Here are some excellent paper businesses that you can operate.

1. Consulting

Consultants charge large fees for their knowledge, expertise, skills, connections, experience, and other assets. This business can be operated from home with little more than standard office equipment and supplies.

Consulting is a paper business because your product is an intangible service. Your results are often summarized in a written, paper report and you use written contracts to protect your interests.

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2. Finding

A professional finder finds something needed by a business or individual for a finder's fee. The finder doesn't invest in product inventory because he's not selling it. He simply collects a fee for arranging to introduce a buyer to a seller. The finder conducts his business using contracts and other written documentation.

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3. Drop Shipping

Another business (or method of business) where you don't invest in product inventory or retail space is drop shipping. When your customer buys from you, perhaps throughrepparttar mail, by phone, or onrepparttar 117581 internet, you simply contact your supplier, who then ships it to your customer. Your paper business involves takingrepparttar 117582 order, billing and collecting from your customer as well as ordering, giving shipping instructions, and paying your supplier.

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4. Affiliate Programs

With affiliate and associate programs, you collect commissions fromrepparttar 117583 sale of other peoples' products. Again, you have no investment in product inventory or expensive facilities.

A "Cyber" Staffing Solution for Small Businesses

Written by Christina Morfeld

Consultants, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals often find themselves performing a juggling act: providing their products and services while also carrying out tasks related to marketing, customer service, and day-to-day operations. As important as these activities are to business survival, they don't directly contribute torepparttar bottom line and, more importantly, they divert attention away from those that do.

While that can be said for a company of any size, small office/home office businesses (SOHOs) typically have fewer options than larger firms for addressing these concerns. A SOHO's needs are likely to be varied and ongoing, but traditional temps and contractors are usually best-suited for assignments of limited scope and duration. Additionally, workload fluctuations might prohibitrepparttar 117580 hiring of a permanent employee, even on a part-time basis, and many SOHOs don't haverepparttar 117581 space or equipment to accommodate on-site workers.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have spawned a new industry, called "Virtual Assistance," that provides SOHOs withrepparttar 117582 relief that they need.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are experienced office professionals who provide administrative and other support services remotely. Because these activities can be handled effectively via telephone, fax, email, andrepparttar 117583 Internet, physical location is irrelevant. A skilled VA can benefit your business whether he or she lives acrossrepparttar 117584 street or acrossrepparttar 117585 globe.

Typical VA tasks include word processing, database management, customer contact and follow-up, bookkeeping, and event and travel planning.

While most VAs are generalists, some provide niche services as well. Bonnie Jo Davis, for example, also designs and manages websites, handles search engine submissions, and contributes articles to online directories and databases. In other words, she uses her advanced Internet skills to create and sustain a powerful Web presence for Davis Virtual Assistance ( ) clients who desire it.

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