Make Your Fortune as a Professional Finder

Written by J. Stephen Pope

Make Your Fortune as a Professional Finder by J. Stephen Pope

Have you consideredrepparttar lucrative opportunity in finder's fees? You could become a professional finder and earn a fortune from this alone. Alternatively, you could supplement your present income with finder's fees. A finder is someone who finds something for a person or business. The amount paid for this service is called a finder's fee.

What isrepparttar 117494 difference between a finder and a broker or commissioned salesperson?

A broker or commissioned salesperson gets paid a percentage ofrepparttar 117495 sale made. Usually, such person acts as an agent forrepparttar 117496 owner ofrepparttar 117497 goods or services sold. He becomes actively engaged with repparttar 117498 sales process, supplying information to facilitaterepparttar 117499 sale, negotiatesrepparttar 117500 contract, arranges financing, and completes paper work.

Onrepparttar 117501 other hand, a finder simply introduces a buyer to a seller for a fee. He does not become involved inrepparttar 117502 sales process and is not an agent acting on behalf ofrepparttar 117503 seller.

The best areas to earn finder's fees are those in which you already have expertise and interest. For example, if you are an expert on airplanes and have connections inrepparttar 117504 aviation industry, you could earn finder's fees finding suitable planes for those needing them.

You can earn finder's fees in many areas including equipment (used or new), equipment leasing, finding locations for franchises or vending, scarce materials, commodities, financing, et cetera.

Connections arerepparttar 117505 inventory of a finder. You are being paid to find something of value by someone who doesn't know where (or doesn't haverepparttar 117506 time) to find it. Your knowledge of where and who to get something from is invaluable information that people are willing to pay for.

Protect yourself with written contracts. Also, document all efforts you have made to earn your finder's fee.

Before you introduce a buyer to a seller, haverepparttar 117507 seller acknowledge in writing that they have agreed to pay you a finder's fee of so much upon successful completion of a sale. After obtaining a properly executed written contract (which may be a simple one page letter agreement), informrepparttar 117508 person by written correspondence (sent by registered mail) aboutrepparttar 117509 buyer. Keep all copies of correspondence and other written documentation in case it becomes necessary to enforce your rights later. Proper documentation should help you to avoid any misunderstandings.

Your Perfect Home Business May Be Right In Front of You!

Written by Angela Wu

Every week I receive email from would-be entrepreneurs, asking, 'What kind of home business should I start?'

This is a question that only *you* can answer. Although it seems like business opportunities are everywhere you look, there's no reason why you have to limit yourself to someone else's 'prepackaged' opportunity.

'Biz ops' usually cater to a very limited set of interests -- nutritional supplements or Internet marketing are common examples. Instead of trying to force yourself to 'fit' into one of these opportunities, why not consider starting and building a business of your own making?

Many successful entrepreneurs are running businesses based on their personal interests and experiences. You'll be surprised at how simple ideas can turn into profitable home businesses! For example, one lady in my neighborhood creates unique 3-dimensional bookmarks inrepparttar shape of various wildlife -- and she sells them to tourism stores inrepparttar 117493 nearby National Parks, among others.

Another example came from a local newspaper. A woman with a 'knack' for picking outrepparttar 117494 'perfect' gift offers a shopping service: she'll go gift shopping for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions so that you don't have to endurerepparttar 117495 stress orrepparttar 117496 crowds. And she LOVES to shop!

There are many examples of people who turn their passions into businesses. For additional ideas, tryrepparttar 117497 'Secret Underground Business Plans, Projects and Ideas', available at: .cgi?bizideas

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