Make The Search Engines Love Your Site

Written by Matt Colyer

Most webmasters have no idea on how to make a search engine friendly web site. If you are one of them this will all change by following these steps below.

1. Research keywords - Before you start to build your web site you should research your keywords or your site may get hurt inrepparttar short term. Userepparttar 127931 keyword research tool, use Overture to researchrepparttar 127932 most popular keywords that are related to your site. Overture will show you how much traffic each keyword has got inrepparttar 127933 past 30 days.

2. Create a list of about 50 to 100 keywords that you can include within your web pages. After having completedrepparttar 127934 above research, you should have foundrepparttar 127935 keywords that were searched on most frequently, but few competing sites.

3. Write a paragraph of at least 250, but better with 500 words of text forrepparttar 127936 top of each web page. Put your keywords within this text, but be careful because you could repeat your keywords to much and make surerepparttar 127937 paragraph makes sense with all those keywords, remember visitors are more important thenrepparttar 127938 search engines.

4. Optimize meta tags - Meta tags have lost there touch with most search engines, but they still help! The most important meta tags arerepparttar 127939 keyword and description meta tags. Include your keywords within each of these meta tags. Your keyword meta tag should includerepparttar 127940 most frequently used keywords contained within your web page, but keep it short to about 10 to 15.

Gogle Search Engine - Analyzing the Misspelling Strategy

Written by Alec Duncan

To Gogle, Or Not To Gogle? A while back I was posting an article submitted by one of our regular authors on and I did it a bit faster than I normally would. I was in a hurry to catch an appointment and was already running late. While postingrepparttar article I tripped on something that would change my view on mistakes forever.

In my haste I made a mistake inrepparttar 127930 article’s title, yes a misspelling, just as I have purposely misspelt Google Search Engine as Gogle Search Engine inrepparttar 127931 title of this article to clue you in on its content. Weirdly enoughrepparttar 127932 mistake inrepparttar 127933 title I posted slipped by unnoticed and eventually got pushed offrepparttar 127934 homepage and into our archives.

If you followrepparttar 127935 course of your content pages after posting them they usually go into hiding for a few days and then resurface with varying placement depending on their content and other variables. Every now and again you will have some page on your site that attracts large amounts of traffic compared to some of your other pages. This page inevitably grabs your attention and this is what happened to me.

I noticed a large increase inrepparttar 127936 daily traffic to ourSearch Engine Optimization site and started analyzingrepparttar 127937 logs to findrepparttar 127938 culprit. Now, I describe it as a large increase in traffic as opposed to a large spike in traffic as this traffic gain did not suddenly appear then disappear. It was a stable increase in traffic and was funneled to our site byrepparttar 127939 Gogle Search Engine :-). It so followed thatrepparttar 127940 page that was responsible for this flood wasrepparttar 127941 same page withrepparttar 127942 mistake and it was showing up as #1 in Google for this keyword misspelling.

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