Make Sure You Get Your Mail

Written by John G. Wack

How to Make Sure You Get Your Mail:

Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep Spam out of customers' inboxes. Sometimes, they accidentally filterrepparttar e-mail that you want to receive.

To make sure that our e-zines, e-mail courses and support e-mails are not filtered into your "junk" or "bulk" folder, please add our address to your list of trusted senders.

Here's how:

Hotmail: Place our address in your safe list. The safe list can be accessed viarepparttar 109578 "Options" link next torepparttar 109579 main menu tabs.

AOL: Place our address in your address book.

Yahoo! Mail: If one of our messages is filtered to your 'bulk' folder, openrepparttar 109580 message and click onrepparttar 109581 "this is not Spam" link next torepparttar 109582 "From" field.

Other providers: If one of your newsletters is being filtered, try adding our address 'From' or 'Reply-to' address to your address book or contact list. If this option is not available, try movingrepparttar 109583 message to your 'inbox' or forwardingrepparttar 109584 message to yourself.

How to Organize Your Email Without Losing It

Written by Herman Drost

Do you often get bogged down with too much email to handle, chewing up your valuable time online? With email being one ofrepparttar most popular forms of online marketing you can be sure you are going to receive much more email inrepparttar 109577 future, wanted and unwanted.

Picture this scenario:

You receive 40 new emails in your inbox each day:

1. 10 are from personal friends. 2. 10 are requests for more information from potential clients. 3. 10 are new newsletters that must be read. 4. 10 are junk mail

So how do you deal with it?

1. Create different email addresses using domain forwarding.

If you have your own web site, your web host allows you to forward all your email from your domain (domain forwarding) to an outside address (ie This is called your "catch all" address ie set up your email aliases (, etc) so when you receive email from any of these, they will be forwarded to your "catch all" address.

The limitation of this method is that you can't send email from your alias addresses. It can only be sent form your "catch all" email address.

2. Set-up separate email accounts.

To also send mail from each new email address, you need to set up a separate email account for each address. Usually your web host will give you a number of free email (called POP3) accounts that come with your hosting package.

Create a new email account for different categories ie - for emailing your personal friends. - for subscribing to newsletters. - for submitting articles. - for advertising information - a public email address you use for forums, newsgroups and SPAM. Ifrepparttar 109578 spam gets too much you can dispose of this address and set-up a new one.

3. Create new inboxes for each of these separate email accounts.

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