Make Room For Happiness

Written by Kathy Gates

Close your eyes and visualize this. (Ok, bad idea...since you can't read with your eyes closed). So instead, just clear your thoughts for a minute and get this picture in your head.

I've been painting my den. Allrepparttar furniture is crowded together inrepparttar 101936 middle ofrepparttar 101937 room. I expertly (yeah right) organizedrepparttar 101938 space where we could get torepparttar 101939 couch to watch TV...except of course anything we need, which is always seems to be clear acrossrepparttar 101940 room. It's jumbled, and crowded, and out-of-sync. Nothing's easy, nothing's within reach, and I spend way more time doing simple things than I normally would.

Sound familiar? That's a very accurate description of Everyday life for many people. A crowded up, jumbled up, not-in-sync quadrant of time and space.

Not a pretty picture. Now imagine that you wanted to ADD something to that space. Maybe you really really wanted a new couch, or new TV, or even just a new rug. It would only crowd things that much more. It would only make you more uncomfortable, and out of sync.

As a Life Coach, people come to me every day wanting to ADD something to their lives...starting a new business, finding a relationship, writing a book. But their lives are like my den...crowded and "unfunctionable". Adding something would only make them more uncomfortable than they already are.

If you want something new and different in your life, you must first make ROOM. Make room for happiness by moving OUTrepparttar 101941 old.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Written by Noel Peebles

Have you ever wondered just what you are afraid of? What stops you from takingrepparttar next step forward that will keep you onrepparttar 101935 path of achieving your goals?

The reason for most people's fear is buried deep within themselves. A low level of self-confidence and self-esteem makes us feel unhappy about ourselves. Because our thoughts are based on feelings of inadequacy, we set our boundaries and standards very low and achieve little in our lives.

One ofrepparttar 101936 greatest realizations that you may ever experience in your life is thatrepparttar 101937 emotion of fear is part of being human. It's perfectly normal to experience misgivings and doubts!

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