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Bad Health Could Bring You Wealth

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Are you suffering from an illness or medical condition? In a survey byrepparttar 117503 Pew Internet Project, 73,000,000 people inrepparttar 117504 US alone said they went on-line in search of health information. This provides a great profit opportunity for a Web site that provides health information.

How do you profit from a health web site? Here are some ideas:

1. Sell affiliate products like vitamins and natural health remedies. 2. Review books aboutrepparttar 117505 condition. This makes good content, and you also just happen to provide a link to purchaserepparttar 117506 book. 3. Sell advertising in a newsletter aboutrepparttar 117507 condition. 4. Sell your own ebooks aboutrepparttar 117508 condition.

How to develop your health information Web site.

To get sales from your Web site, you need traffic. To get traffic you need to be listed inrepparttar 117509 search engines. To get listed inrepparttar 117510 search engines, you need quality content. Create quality content by monitoringrepparttar 117511 major health information sites, such as JAMA (Journal ofrepparttar 117512 American Medical Association) and Mayo Clinic. When you find an article related torepparttar 117513 topic of your site, write a news story aboutrepparttar 117514 article.

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