Make Money This Holiday Season; Don’t Just Spend It

Written by Liz Folger

What if you could make more money than you spend this holiday season? Sounds like a pretty good idea, you say? If you’d like to be onrepparttar making money end duringrepparttar 117919 holidays, now isrepparttar 117920 time to start preparing. Below I’m going to give you several money-making ideas. Pickrepparttar 117921 one or two that interest yourepparttar 117922 most and have fun!


It doesn’t matter if you’re into woodworking, sewing, painting, pottery, or creating handmade paper. More than ever, people enjoy giving that one-of-a-kind special gift. You can sell your wares viarepparttar 117923 Net, at holiday bazaars or craft shows, or even consignment style. Once you become known for your crafts, word-of-mouth will keep you very busy.


One idea is to create your own line of holiday cards with rubber stamps. Melissa Duquette has found this to be a profitable business. She explains, “The card season is upon us and everyone will soon be searching forrepparttar 117924 perfect holiday card to send to family and friends. This is your opportunity to break out into business and create unique hand-stamped holiday cards. Or why not offer a class teaching this great hobby? Rubber stamping can be worked into so many different businesses.” I’ve been to a rubber-stamping party where we were able to create our own cards. I had a great time hanging out with my friends and making my own unique cards. If you are into rubber stamping, seriously consider having a rubber stamping card party. You would supply everything needed, and could charge either a flat fee or charge per card made.


Kim Moya runs a T-shirt business and finds this a way to make extra cash duringrepparttar 117925 holidays. She says you can create inexpensive holiday sweatshirts, and long- and short-sleeved T-shirts. And she doesn’t stop at T-shirts, but also includes tote bags, felt and cloth ornaments, advent and traditional calendars, aprons and many other items that you can purchase wholesale and sell at retail prices!


I don’t know about you, but I love fleece blankets. I was really excited when I found out I could make these awesome “Snuggly” blankets without having to sew a stitch. Cinda Louden has been making these types of blankets for a while now and explains, “These blankets are made out of Polar Fleece material. They are soft, warm, cozy, durable, and wonderfully ‘Snuggly.’ There's no sewing or needlework involved; all you do is cut and tie. Making Snugglies is a great way to start and create a business, make a little extra cash, or just make them for gifts. It's all up to you!”


Tamaira Sandifer,repparttar 117926 owner of Fun Mail For Kids, has been creating Santa Letters for a while now. “I thought, what child wouldn't like to get a letter inrepparttar 117927 mail full of goodies just for them from Santa Claus. Once I informed family and friends about starting Fun Mail For Kids,repparttar 117928 letters practically sold themselves. Last year brought in approximately 680 requests, which is pretty phenomenal since I don't do much advertising.” Tamaira says that running this type of business is fun because it allows her to do something she really enjoys. “So it doesn't really seem like work,” she says.


The hype of eBay has not gone away, but has only grown. When among a group of people, I can usually find someone who has either bought or sold something in an online auction. Colleen Wallace has made it her business to sell merchandise online. “The holiday season isrepparttar 117929 best time of year for me. People are always looking for unique and interesting gifts to give their loved ones. What better place to find something different thanrepparttar 117930 online auctions,” says Colleen. Start thinking about what you might have that you could sell online. Colleen has found thatrepparttar 117931 items that sell well are those that can be used for stocking stuffers, are limited editions, or are signed items.

How to Set up your own Online Business: 11 FREE or LOW Cost Services you'll need to know about

Written by Merle

Whoever said you need thousands of dollars to start your own web based business didn't know what they were talking about. If you know where to look your business can be onrepparttar web for very little money, and in some cases free.

1) Free Domain Names: If you want your own domain name like, you may expect to pay anywhere from $10.00 to $30.00 a year to own it. Back when Network Solutions wasrepparttar 117918 only game in town, they charged $70.00 forrepparttar 117919 first two year period. Now that others are allowed to sell domain names, pricing has become quite competitive. Some ofrepparttar 117920 cheaper ones are: $11.00 per year $12.00 per year $15.00 per year

But what if I told you that you get your domain absolutely FREE? That's right! Free. I have found a few sites that will register your domain at no charge. The catch with most of them is that they set themselves up asrepparttar 117921 administrator, but will transfer ownership ofrepparttar 117922 domain to you after a set period of time or for a very small fee. Check:

2) Free Web Hosting: If you've been thinking of launching a website but don't want to payrepparttar 117923 $20 to $40.00 a month typically charged for hosting it, you don't have to. With a little research, you'll find plenty of places that will host your site free.

Before you get too excited let me tell yourepparttar 117924 drawback: Most free hosts place a banner atrepparttar 117925 top of your pages for giving you this courtesy. But believe it or not, I have found web hosts that won't charge you a dime and won't force you to display those pesky banners. Some of them also will takerepparttar 117926 banners away for a small yearly fee which is nothing compared to paying a host monthly.

Some ofrepparttar 117927 best ones are: Requires banners, but you can remove them for $60.00 a year. Free hosting, no banners required Free Domain Hosting, no banners

If you sell product and need a shopping cart, check some of these:

3) Product or Service to Sell: Let's face it -- if you don't have something to sell on your website, it won't earn you any money. The best-selling items online seem to be information products and software, because they can be paid for and downloaded immediately. If you sell a product, you need to factor in shipping expenses -- both local and international.

If you don't have your own product to sell, no problem. Many Internet companies will be happy to have you sign up and start selling their products for them. They get increased sales and you get a commission on everything you sell. Online these are called "affiliate" or "associate programs." While most are free to join, you should resistrepparttar 117928 temptation to sign up with too many. Stick with one common theme when deciding on what to sell. In other words, don't resell software and dog biscuits onrepparttar 117929 same website (unless your site is targeted to veterinarians andrepparttar 117930 software deals with patient records). You need consistency, so pick a theme and stick with it.

To find associate programs to join check out: Over 2,000 to pick from Huge directory of programs Many to choose from

4) Fax Number: Don't buy a fax machine; now you can get your own virtual fax number totally free. These online companies will give you your own fax number that will send your faxes directly to your email inbox ("e-faxing"). If you travel a lot and need to receive faxes fromrepparttar 117931 office this service is a godsend. Easy to sign up.....and use.

5) Logo: If you're going to have an online business, you really should come up with a logo. A logo will help to brand your company online. After awhile, folks will come to associate your logo with your products and services. At least, that'srepparttar 117932 main idea. So what if you can't even draw a stick figure? There are plenty of online sites where you can design your logo or absolutely free: Software to purchase to make your own logo from templates

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