Make Money Online With A Simple And Proven Formula

Written by Roderick Eash

My goal here is to helprepparttar little guy, likeI was never helped me when I first started trying to make a living online. I mostly got taken advantage of. The statements made here are strictly my own opinion. I don't claim to be an Internet guru. These statements are strictly from my own personal experience, and that is a work in progress.

The first word of advice that I'm going to give is about advertising. Nothing in this world is free. You're going to get what you pay for. Don't jump at every advertising offer you get once you get going. You'll just end up chasing your tail, and throwing your money away. When you're just starting out it's better to sell information, or small ticket items rather than harder to sell big ticket items.

Everybody talks about search engine ranking , and there's nothing wrong with having a high search engine ranking, but for me, I'm more concerned about getting high volume, targeted traffic to get me going, than how high I'm ranked on Google, or Yahoo. Sure a higher ranking is going to give you more business, but lets just get established for now.

Getting your own opt-in list, and a good auto responder like GetResponse or Aweber is were it's at. Spamming: Spamming is not only unethical, it's illegal, and ineffective. So make sure allrepparttar 141876 leads you generate are double opt-in. Remember "The Gold is inrepparttar 141877 List". At GetResponse you can get a free auto responder, but it will have their ads on top of your

Gas, Air, and Spark - How Internet Marketing is Like a Car's Engine

Written by Mike Adams

Copyright 2005 Mike Adams

I've never been much of an automobile mechanic, but about 25 years ago an old friend instructed me inrepparttar mysteries of how to find out why my old car wouldn't run.

"You see," he said, "when an engine won't run, it's got to be one of three things. It's not getting enough gas, air, or spark, because that's all an engine really needs."

He taught me to check simple things, like pull a spark plug and see if it sparks whenrepparttar 141823 starter turns over. Or pull offrepparttar 141824 air filter and see if I could smell gas inrepparttar 141825 carburetor. (That was before most cars were fuel injected!)

I can't countrepparttar 141826 number of times overrepparttar 141827 last 25 years that those simple words helped me during times of car trouble, especially in younger days with cars that were old "beaters."

If you think about it, Internet marketing is just as simple. All you really need is gas, air, and spark:

1. Targeted traffic -repparttar 141828 fuel that powers an Internet business.

2. A product that people really need or want - something you can present as being as necessary asrepparttar 141829 air they breathe.

3. Sales copy that will sell -repparttar 141830 spark that makesrepparttar 141831 targeted traffic want that product as badly asrepparttar 141832 air they breathe.

Okay, so maybe that still sounds a little tough, but hey - it's only three things! Even though I'll probably never be a skilled auto mechanic, I can comprehend and check three things. And you can catch on to just three things too.

Number 2 and 3 are probablyrepparttar 141833 easiest to master.

There's no shortage of great products and great ideas for things that people really want. It's easy to find out what people really want with tools like:

- Wordtracker - find outrepparttar 141834 most-searched keywords

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