Make Money Online - Latest Scam Disclosed

Written by Bordu Silviu

Before we start, I want to make it clear that this article is about scammers that affect people who make money online by selling digital products, like e-books, software, etc. and have a refund policy, because we have a rather long way untilrepparttar end and, if you are selling physical product or you money online through affiliate programs that don't involve a refund policy it's probably just a waste of time.

In this article, I'll talk aboutrepparttar 139762 "refund policy scammers". Lately, more and more people started to talk about them on forums and came out with different solutions, which we will discuss inrepparttar 139763 second part ofrepparttar 139764 article, "Make Money Online - Defend Against The Latest Scam".

"Refund policy" scammers, as I stated inrepparttar 139765 beginning, affectrepparttar 139766 people that make money online by selling digital products (software, e-books for eg.). Now, you're probably wondering what's their "modus operandi". Well, it's very simple. They just find websites that sell digital products and have a 100% money back guarantee, buyrepparttar 139767 product and then they tell you they want a refund because of crappy reasons, sometimes even impossible ones (they ask for a refund only minutes after they boughtrepparttar 139768 product), but inrepparttar 139769 same time they keeprepparttar 139770 products.

More and more people who make money online with this kind of websites are complaining about these incredibly immoral scammers. You will find posts like: "I received this e-mail just one minute after they bought my e-book: "I am really disappointed about your e-book, I read it and it doesn't say anything new for me. Please give me a refund." And my e-book contains 80 pages", "I am sorry but your script doesn't show me any results. Please give me a refund." I received this e-mail just one day after he bought and my script usually show results after about 30 days "

Hollander Consultants Launches Press Room Website

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Launches Press Room Website

Hollander Consultants Press Releases Archived

Portland, OR Hollander Consultants has started a new phase of outreach by launching a new website to archive press releases aboutrepparttar company. The website,, chronicles all press releases from October 2004 torepparttar 139727 present.

I really enjoyrepparttar 139728 very simple layout ofrepparttar 139729 website. It has no bells or whistles, no Flash, no Java, no animation at all. It is strictly a repository of easily accessible information. Inrepparttar 139730 future I plan to add a section of photographs and video files but for nowrepparttar 139731 press releases paint a very decent picture ofrepparttar 139732 progress of Hollander Consultants over time. You get a nice feel forrepparttar 139733 care Hollander Consultants has for its staff and clientele, said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

Plans are currently being enacted to create websites that highlight various aspects of Hollander Consultants. These websites will be launched in coming weeks.

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