Make Money Online: Learn to Sell on eBay

Written by John Evans

The online auction site eBay is an excellent tool for making money online. Think of eBay as an online yard sale and shopping mall. Whether you want to start a business selling merchandise or sellrepparttar stuff that is cluttering your attic, eBay isrepparttar 144706 place. It is not difficult to learn to sell on ebay, in fact,repparttar 144707 website has maderepparttar 144708 process downright simple. You will need access to a digital camera in order to upload images of your stuff onto your auction’s website. Items with images sell quicker and for a higher price than those without. Furthermore, you will find some auctions will be more successful than others. Many sellers choose to set their auctions to end on a weekend instead of a week day. These sellers have determined their auctions tend to elicit more bids during that time since more potential buyers are online. Also, considerrepparttar 144709 target audience for each of your auctions. You may want to set auctions of items with a younger audience to end later inrepparttar 144710 evening than others.

The most important aspect of selling things on eBay isrepparttar 144711 actual product. Keep in mind, whatever you sell must be shipped torepparttar 144712 buyer, so choose items that can cheaply and easily be mailed. Even thoughrepparttar 144713 buyer covers all shipping costs, many eBay users will be hesitant to bid on goods with hefty shipping fees. It is a good idea to become well acquainted withrepparttar 144714 United States Postal Service or any other shipping agency so you know all of your shipping options upfront. Ensuring you send your buyers a correct shipping cost will ensure you do not end up paying for this cost, which cuts into your profit. In addition torepparttar 144715 general size and weight of your items, choose products that have been selling well on other seller’s auctions. Keep a careful eye on all eBay auctions to see what things have been selling well with buyers. Just as with merchandise sold in traditional brick and mortar stores, popular buyer trends affectrepparttar 144716 online auction market. Whether you are selling things found around your home, handmade items, or retail goods, going along with public trends will benefit your auctions. If you have further questions about how do you sell stuff on ebay, there are a number of resources available to sort out repparttar 144717 process and help you determine what items to sell.

Writing Articles To Build Your Online Presence - A Beginner's Guide

Written by Jeremy Hershberger

Copyright 2005 Jeremy Hershberger

One ofrepparttar most effective (and free!) ways to get noticed onrepparttar 144662 web is to write articles. Even if you have no writing experience, it is easier than you may think, even fun. You can write an article on just about anything you want and choose how you want to publish it.

The best way to start is to write about a subject you understand thoroughly, such asrepparttar 144663 subject of your ezine if you have one.

Use a search engine to research what you want to write about, and browse some online discussion forums which relate to your subject to gain additional knowledge.

There are article-writing ebooks and other literature available onrepparttar 144664 web that can provide you with useful advice if you are intimidated to write your first article. Just do some web searches to see what you can find. Some ofrepparttar 144665 literature is free, some isn't.

As you conduct your research, begin writing a rough draft immediately while ideas are still fresh in your mind. You can revise, edit and rearrange later. Your article doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it is presentable and easily readable.

Keep your lines formatted to about 60 characters. The ‘Lucida Console’ font usesrepparttar 144666 same amount of space for each character, so you could use it then set your margins accordingly in your word processor program.

I use Notepad which uses Lucida Console by default. I turn off word-wrap and setrepparttar 144667 window size to where I want it and hit 'enter' as my text fills a line. You may come up with a method that works better for you.

When your article is finished, you’ll need to add what is called a “resource box” atrepparttar 144668 end. This is where you place a few lines which include your name, as well as anything you’d like to offer your readers.

You should make your resource box stand out by placing a line of asterisks or hyphens above and below it, for example:

********************************************************* Copyright © 2005 [your name] [email address if you wish] [several lines to advertise your website, ezine, offer freebies, etc] *********************************************************

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