Make Money Finding Typos

Written by Liz Folger

Everyone has a passion for something. And there are those among you who, when reading a letter, a book, an advertisement, or a website, can find spelling and grammatical errors without even thinking twice. You were born with a gift, and believe it or not, this gift/passion can be used to earn cash. If youíve spent any time onrepparttar Internet, you know more and more Web pages come online everyday. And youíve seen that those pages hold a great number of errors that practically scream for a proofreaderís attention. Bruce Noeske decided to make use of his talent for proofing and editing websites, and figured out a way to make money as a result. I was able to ask Bruce how he got started and if this was a business others could start. Wait till you hear what he had to say!

Liz: How will a person know if theyíd be good at editing and proofing websites?

Bruce: Anybody who spots errors in writing everywhere they look would be a good match for this career. People who are known asrepparttar 117907 official or unofficial proofreader of othersí writing at work, school, or home would enjoy editing and proofreading websites. Those who searchrepparttar 117908 newspaper for typos are a natural for this position. And Iím sure many people have come across websites that just hurt their eyes, and wondered if anything could be done about it. For some people, editing and proofreading come naturally. For others itís a challenge. But if you get a real kick out of findingrepparttar 117909 errors that others miss, youíll love being a website editor!

Liz: Do you need an English degree, or any certifications for that matter, to start this business?

Bruce: Absolutely not! You need a good grasp ofrepparttar 117910 English language, but that can be learned without a degree. For many, itís a gift. My own degree is in Human Resources Management, quite a far cry from English or Journalism. In my eBook, I suggest a few ways to obtain proofreading and editing experience and to get some kind of certification. Itís nice to be able to present some credentials to prospective clients, but not an absolute necessity. The only certification thatís really required is a ďcertification of motivation.Ē

Liz: How much does it cost to get a business like this started? Can it be started for under $100?

Bruce: One could easily launch their own home-based website editing and proofreading business for under $100, as long as we make a few assumptions. The first and most obvious needs would be a computer with an Internet connection. As long as you can surfrepparttar 117911 Web, you can editrepparttar 117912 Web. If we start calculating at that point, then yes, startup costs can be below $100.

A few good reference books such as a dictionary and style manual are required. Besides those, youíll need a box of red pens, highlighters, and plenty of paper if you choose to print and mark up errors on paper. Of course, those last items are not necessary if you decide to do allrepparttar 117913 editing in your word processor. Both capabilities are discussed inrepparttar 117914 eBook.

Setting up your own Web page is a good idea, and thatís where you might start running up some costs (not necessarily though, andrepparttar 117915 eBook talks about that topic too). But bottom line? When I started my business, I already had a computer, Internet connection, and some dictionaries. So my cash outlay was inrepparttar 117916 neighborhood of, well, zero dollars.

Liz: Is it possible to make a full-time income from this business? If so, wo uld it be something that could happen overnight?

Can a People-Person Work Online?

Written by Lisa Lake

Are all online business owners huddled over a keyboard in an unfinished basement, with silent co-workers like a ping-pong table and a dusty treadmill, like I was? Are they lonely, finding themselves longing for a TV outlet inrepparttar room? Martha Stewart could cook, I could listen, then I could leave this dreary hole and go cook myself, I would think. Work sputtered to a crawl then finally stopped.

I went back to work in a cheerful office writing about people who DO operate successfully online. And I'm fascinated by (and envious of)repparttar 117906 ones who make it working at home, especially those who are people-persons.

Tom Marshall is a jolly fellow who has made a success of his online specialty foods Internet magazine. His culinary expertise was impressive, plus he had been inrepparttar 117907 food brokerage business for years. And suddenlyrepparttar 117908 entrepreneur in him drove him to start all over again. "I had no clue, ZERO idea what I was doing," admitted Tom. "I hadrepparttar 117909 words 'under construction' ALL OVER that first website. An expert inrepparttar 117910 field took a look at it for me, and he said, "Tom, any website that's worth anything is always under construction. Get rid of all that!"

Tom's wife supportedrepparttar 117911 two of them duringrepparttar 117912 start-up. Tom swears he aged about 50 years trying to getrepparttar 117913 thing going. Why did he do it?

"It takes a vision and a lot of determination," he said.

It doesn't hurt to have a sense of humor, either. After repeatedly telling me 'we're doing this,' and 'we'll be setting up that next', he confessed that 'we' is his multiple personality. "It's comprised of "me, myself, and I," he laughed. A caller asked forrepparttar 117914 'computer systems manager.' "He just happens to be in!" Tom told him.

So how did he give uprepparttar 117915 noisy, bustling excitement of fine restaurant kitchens, working as a team with co-workers and friends? He says it in his mission: He wants to bring specialty food as a culinary resource to a public that demands healthy, imaginative and tasty food products as a part of their daily lives. The Internet can bring it torepparttar 117916 whole world.

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