Make It Fun and Get It Done

Written by Jean R. Charles

I learned a valuable less from my 13-year-old son last week. We were hiking inrepparttar woods on our very hilly, rocky farm. He stopped near a cliff and starting hurling some rather large rocks overrepparttar 123999 edge, seeing how successfully he could get them to smash on a large boulder atrepparttar 124000 bottom. I got tired of watching him do this after about 20 minutes and suggested that we move on. He protested and kept on his constant picking up, carrying and hurling rocks.

Finally after some time I said "Do you realize you have been picking up rocks for more than half an hour? This isrepparttar 124001 very same task Dad asks you to do every weekend to help clearrepparttar 124002 fields. You always moan and groan , do it for about 2 minutes, then find an excuse to quit." His reply was, "But this is fun!"

This hit me like a rock. How many tasks we dread can

Getting Bent into Shape

Written by Jean R. Charles

The other day, I unfolded a Chinese food container getting it ready forrepparttar recycling bin. I noticed that flattened, it was a very interestingly shaped white piece of cardboard. It could have been used in that state for several things including, something to write on, to cover something else, or as a decoration. In order to fulfill its real purpose of being a container for food, it had to be bent into its final boxy shape.

I thought about how many times in life we come upon people or events that disturb or annoy us and we say that

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