Make Golden Christmas Trees

Written by Candee Stark

Golden Christmas Tree

Several Years ago while I was shopping for Christmas I stopped dead in my tracks when I sawrepparttar holiday arrangements atrepparttar 116101 department store I was in.

I was dazzled byrepparttar 116102 sight, golden branches wrapped in twinkling white lights. The idea was so simple but yet absolutely beautiful.

Within a moment I decided I would re-create it at home. Once home, I took a walk inrepparttar 116103 woods to gatherrepparttar 116104 necessary branches andrepparttar 116105 other materials were easily found at my local craft store.

I created three trees that year and placed them on my front porch; two smaller ones onrepparttar 116106 left side ofrepparttar 116107 door and a larger one torepparttar 116108 right. The effect was just what I had hoped for~ a golden glow that welcomed family and friends into my home forrepparttar 116109 holidays.

Materials Needed for One Tree:

Large tree branch that “looks” like a small tree

Gold spray paint

Gold fabric

Gold cording


String of white lights

Plastic garbage bag


How to Create Your Own "Line" of Greeting Cards

Written by Eileen Bergen

How to Create Your Own "Line" of Greeting Cards By: Eileen Bergen

[Illustrations located at /cards.html]

Do you like to design and print your own greeting cards using any ofrepparttar popular graphics programs available? Do you want some recognition for your work? Maybe even a backdoor way to supplement your income?

Why giverepparttar 116100 company that maderepparttar 116101 program allrepparttar 116102 credit? Make your greeting cards uniquely yours by creating your own logo. Then every card you send or sell will have your personal advertisement attached.

You can easily do so using your greeting cards program’s "Back Page Art" or create your own logo from scratch.

First, create and save your logo. In your graphics program, open a blank page. Go torepparttar 116103 "Art Gallery" and look throughrepparttar 116104 "Back Page Art" or any other category, such as "Backgrounds" or "Flowers", that you would like to use in your logo.

Select your design(s)and paste them ontorepparttar 116105 blank page. Add a text box and type in your data. Be sure you include your name, phone number and your e-mail so customers can get in touch with you to place an order. Vary

the fonts and text colors until you are satisfied.

Click onrepparttar 116106 artwork you selected fromrepparttar 116107 "Art Gallery". Move your mouse overrepparttar 116108 artwork untilrepparttar 116109 "Move" symbol (looks like a fancy plus sign) appears. Click and hold down to moverepparttar 116110 artwork where you want it in

relation to your text. Release click.

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