Make Friends with Your Phone

Written by Nicki Keohohou

Phone Phobia? Here are a few tips to help get you onrepparttar phone so you can call to offer a show, schedule a private appointment, and gather referrals.

ˇPut yourself in a positive frame of mind before you makerepparttar 117152 call and transfer your enthusiasm torepparttar 117153 person you are calling.

ˇThe first fifteen seconds setsrepparttar 117154 tone for your entire call. Your most effective introduction is one with professionalism and warmth.

ˇBe polite and show respect by asking "Is this a good time for you?"

ˇEveryone wants to feel special, so inrepparttar 117155 beginning build rapport by offering a sincere compliment or asking about her family or a special interest.

ˇUse recommended scripts and dialogue provided by your company. They are included in your training material because they have worked well! Set a goal to userepparttar 117156 script as is for at least six calls and only after trying it as is change it to suite your personal style.

ˇGo for it! You maderepparttar 117157 call - now makerepparttar 117158 most ofrepparttar 117159 opportunity by offering to:

1) Save them money by mentioning a special offer or suggesting they hold a show/party and earn free products and discounts.

2) Earn additional income by helping them start a home-based business with your company.

3) Sharerepparttar 117160 product orrepparttar 117161 business opportunity with a friend. Offer a referral incentive for any leads they provide who end up joining your team.

ˇNo matter whatrepparttar 117162 result always ask for a referral by saying, "Who do you know who needs to do some gift holiday shopping or who would like to have some additional cash?"

Set Yourself Up For Success Every month you have a new opportunity to make a difference in your business. But you can't make a difference if you do not make contact withrepparttar 117163 lifeline of your success: your customers, hostesses, and people within your circle of influence.

How To Find A Whole Lotta Product!

Written by Neil Bartlett

How To Find A Whole Lotta Product!

Whether you are a beginning auction seller or advanced, you are always faced withrepparttar age old auction question:

"What Do I Sell Now?"

I want to cover an area on eBay that most sellers tend to overlook or they don't even know exists. These categories can provide you with a great source of products to sell, they are calledrepparttar 117151 Wholesale Lots categories.

Most major category groups contain a section labled Wholesale Lots, this is usually listed atrepparttar 117152 bottom ofrepparttar 117153 group list.

If you go to eBay's main category listing page and drill down into a major category you will be able to see if that category has a Wholesale Lots sub-category. It is usuallyrepparttar 117154 last sub-category listed.

eBay Category Listing Page:

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