Make An Offer Your Customers Can't Refuse

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

Are your sales coming up a little short these day? Retail sales, Internet commerce, and business-to-business suppliers are all having problems matching their stellar performances of previous years.

When economic times get tight, just about every business' sales slump.

Get a quick and lasting boost in sales by making your customers an offer they can't refuse. Customers will buy IF you give them a really good reason to. Of course,repparttar tighter their budgets,repparttar 127412 betterrepparttar 127413 reason has to be.

Use Psychology

First, try to understand your customer's thoughts and desires. Most people have goals they are striving to reach. They may be trying to cut costs, spend less time on tasks, be more attractive, or simply find more excitement in life.

When your customer falls short of her goal--as almost all of us do from time to time--she may look for a purchase to move her further toward where she wants to be.

As an example, Sandra is frustrated withrepparttar 127414 growing complexity of her business. Last week she bounced a check and forgot to invoice a customer. The simple bookkeeping system she created when she startedrepparttar 127415 business isn't able to keep up now that her business has grown.

On a trip to her neighborhood office supply store, Sandra sees an affordable accounting program. It promises to make quick work of allrepparttar 127416 things that are frustrating her. As Sandra picks uprepparttar 127417 box and heads torepparttar 127418 checkout, she already FEELS like her life is more organized.

Psychologists call this important principle "reaction formation." It is a powerful motivation that influences a great deal of what we buy.

Think aboutrepparttar 127419 goals your customers probably have. How can your product, service, or idea help them feel like they are getting closer to their goal? While you are helping your client reach his objective, it isrepparttar 127420 fact that he FEELS like he is getting there that is so important.

Create a High-Value Bundle

If one product or service can solve a problem, imagine how well three, four, or five products could work. When you bundle together several related products or services, customers respond.

Look for items that work together to cover every angle of a problem onrepparttar 127421 job, at home, or inrepparttar 127422 customer's personal life.

Knowing When NOT to Sell

Written by Ron Sathoff

Before enteringrepparttar world of marketing, I spent many years as a college instructor. One ofrepparttar 127411 most important lessons that I ever learned about teaching wasrepparttar 127412 fact that saying "I don't know" as a response to a student question wasn't necessarily a BAD thing -- in fact,repparttar 127413 truthfulness ofrepparttar 127414 answer did more to build my credibility with my students than any lame, improvised, off-the- cuff answer could.

Of course, I also realized that you have to follow up that "I don't know" with a firm "but I'll find out for you." In other words, when I didn't knowrepparttar 127415 exact answer, I would make sure to do my research to see what I COULD offerrepparttar 127416 student inrepparttar 127417 form of an answer.

I believe this principle also holds true for sales. As a salesperson, you have to remember that you are selling YOURSELF as much as you are selling a PRODUCT, especially if you are looking for any kind of return sales or long-term relationships with your customers.

That means that you should be truthful with your clients and customers, even if means that you might not makerepparttar 127418 immediate sale. For instance, there have been times where clients have asked me, "Do you think a press release would be effective?" In many of these cases,repparttar 127419 answer is "Yes" and I will tell them so. However, there are also cases where a press release WASN'T appropriate, and even though it meant losingrepparttar 127420 sale, I made sure to let them know that they wouldn't getrepparttar 127421 results they were looking for and that I wouldn't recommend it.

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