Make A Stunning Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Written by Valerie Garner

Dried hydrangea wreaths are so beautiful and versatile in a home, and a lot of fun to make as well.

You can either purchase already dried hydrangea flowers from your local craft store, or you can dry your own. The biggest trick when drying your own isrepparttar timing of when you pickrepparttar 135720 flowers. It is best to pick them right before you anticipate your first fall frost. If you pick them mid-summer, they just will not dry correctly.

You can either hang them upside down in a darkened room to dry, or you can set them in a vase upright, even adding a tiny bit of water inrepparttar 135721 bottom ofrepparttar 135722 vase, although even that is optional. As long as they are picked atrepparttar 135723 correct time, itís difficult to fail with them. Itís fun if you can, to pick several blooms from different bushes, as it will provide a nice variety of colors torepparttar 135724 wreath. After they are dried, pick off any dead / discolored brown blooms.

Now, pickrepparttar 135725 type of base you want to use for a wreath. My personal favorites are either Styrofoam or grapevine type wreath bases. Take some floral wire and wrap it aroundrepparttar 135726 wreath, then form a loop ofrepparttar 135727 wire to hang fromrepparttar 135728 wall, and then wraprepparttar 135729 wreath again. You might try hanging it fromrepparttar 135730 wall at this point to make sure it lies correctly, and then make any needed adjustments whilerepparttar 135731 wreath is bare.

To do a Styrofoam wreath, use a low melt point hot glue gun. Separate each bloom into smaller florets. Hot glue each floret intorepparttar 135732 wreath base, actually pokingrepparttar 135733 stem down intorepparttar 135734 Styrofoam base. With each bloom, space it out overrepparttar 135735 surface ofrepparttar 135736 wreath, for example; a floret atrepparttar 135737 top, next left side, bottom, then right side, then insiderepparttar 135738 circle ofrepparttar 135739 wreath, and outside ofrepparttar 135740 wreath. Continue to do this with each bloom until you fill it.

Spruce Up Your Pages with Scrapbooking Embellishments

Written by Fion Lim

Having this nagging doubt that you may upstage your precious photos or clutter your pages with scrapbooking embellishments?

One moment you're just so tempted to pasterepparttar embellishment onto your page, andrepparttar 135490 next moment you're questioning yourself, "Should I? Should I not?Ē You even wonder if you're just trying to force that simply irresistible page accent onto your page to satisfy your craving forÖ more embellishments.

Well, you're in good company. I still rememberrepparttar 135491 first time I encountered packets and packets of wondrous embellishments. My eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, and my heart fluttered in excitement andrepparttar 135492 truth was, I simply can't decide. What a rush!

So for anyone who loves scrapbooking embellishments, we have to learn some balancing acts and avoid falling intorepparttar 135493 trap of overwhelmingrepparttar 135494 pages with loads of such page accents.

Here's some tips for you to consider when you're holding that simply irresistible piece of embellishment in your hand, and pausing for that momentous decision.


  • If it distracts people from your photos, you might be better off saving that piece of embellishment for another page. Let's remind ourselves that photos formrepparttar 135495 essence of scrapbooking, not embellishments.

  • Ifrepparttar 135496 reason to userepparttar 135497 page accent is because it'srepparttar 135498 coolest or hottest trend right now, upon reflection this may not be so inrepparttar 135499 long run. Remember how you flinched in horror as you looked back at your biggest fashion mistakes? It can happen to your scrapbooking layouts too.
  • If there's only a single photo especially with close-ups, by all means launch into your most daring mode and spark up your page with embellishments. But keeprepparttar 135500 scrapbooking embellishments torepparttar 135501 minimal, when there's multiple photos on a single page.

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