Make A Small Fortune In The Fishing Industry...

Written by A.J. Klott

Make Small Fortune In Fishing Industry... there is a headline you don't see very often.In fact, I have never seen it.

Unless you start out with a large fortune and slowly pitter it away while in pursuit of our friends who live beneathrepparttar waves, most people don't enterrepparttar 146366 exciting world ofrepparttar 146367 fishing industry to seek fame and fortune. There are rarely any recruiters from Salmon canneries knocking on your door as you bask inrepparttar 146368 glory of graduation from college, nor do you pick up a copy of Entrepeneur Magazine and find" fisherman" as a hot start-up franchise. Guys wearing lots of "bling" and chest waders rarely come sloshing into your business and hand you a business card and brochure claiming that: "for a $10,000 investment I can help you triple your income in thirty days...GUARANTEED!!"

In fact, I even googled "Make Money Fishing" and came away with 313 responses andrepparttar 146369 disheartening notion that if you choose fishing as a way of life--you are pretty much destined for a life of relaxed mediocrity. There of course are some exceptions, like tournament bass fisherman, or guys selling fishing adventures to Mars--but forrepparttar 146370 most part --if you have some startling epiphany that "I want to make my fortune in fishing"- you are barking uprepparttar 146371 wrong riffle.

Some other samples fromrepparttar 146372 make money fishing offerings:

1.Russ Roy-- Offers up a slightly "tongue in cheek" article, stating that we fisherman can earn extra cash slathering stinky fish attractants and fish "sputem" on our jeans and then resell them on perhaps ebay as "designer fisher wear". Complete with fish hook holes. I only say slightly "tongue in cheek"--because they probably would sell -- especially in some posh Beverly Hills boutique on Rodeo drive.

"Oh dahling, those salmon roe encrusted Jordaches make your tush look devine!!"

Heck, throw in a "roostertail" 1/4 ounce zipper and I might buy a pair myself.

2. A New England commercial fisherman is selling his fishing operation--He is "grossing" about $80K per year and claims a "cash flow" of $53k. Asking price $105k. The "hook" here isrepparttar 146373 benefit of leavingrepparttar 146374 rat race forrepparttar 146375 "open seas". I have to ask myself," does this mean he wants to re-enterrepparttar 146376 rat race??" Health issues force sale?? Wear funky woolen sweaters!


Written by B. Blitterlees and E. Craboon

Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005.


-- Eccentric events and odd occasions to celebrate in July 2005 –-

**Compiled by Lady Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by Lord Earl Craboon**

July is one ofrepparttar popular jocund, jocose, and jocular months ofrepparttar 146162 year.

In a nutshell, this means one can be jestful, merry, playful and witty without fear of becoming a public spectacle.

After all, it’s summertime (and in some places like Canada, this 60-day season comes but once a year along with oodles of blinking bugs, black bears, and far too many blessed barbecues).

“Joie de vivre” is inrepparttar 146163 air! So, get ready to jay-walk with joy, munch on jelly-beans with reckless abandon, and jog to your heart’s content (without any clothes on of course).

So without further adieu, "May our karma run over your dogma". And if you don’t fancy that, then please proceed with caution while merrily meditating uponrepparttar 146164 following odd activities designed to put a smile on your face or introduce you torepparttar 146165 Spunky Spirit of Sushine that resides in all of us.

July 1 – JUMP FOR JOY DAY (Time to leap tall buildings, skip something important on your to-do list, and hang out with allrepparttar 146166 other jungle-bunnies atrepparttar 146167 Jungle Gym).

July 2 – JUNK ART, JUNK BOND, AND JUNK MAIL APPRECIATION DAY (Who said there’s no gold in them there hills of riff-raff and really tasty refuse!)

July 3 – JEZEBEL RECOGNITION DAY (A festive occasion to celebrate red-hot mommas, fashion-conscious floosies, and those saucy, sultry sirens that spice up life!)

July 4 – JUMBO APPRECIATION DAY (Time to honor allrepparttar 146168 white elephants supported by public taxpayers, and those everyone ignores sitting in their living rooms).

July 5 – JOUSTING TOURNAMENT DAY (For all Knights ofrepparttar 146169 Board-Room Table who need to don their jock straps and shiny armor suits, ride well-heeled hobby horses, and yell “cowabunga” while poking each other inrepparttar 146170 mid-riff with super-duper, ludicrously long whopping rubber pointy things just to have a bit of fun and frolic).

July 6 – JOHNNY-ON-THE-SPOT APPRECIATION DAY (Time to honorrepparttar 146171 humble but clean and safe public places of ease one can access to take a piddle during a parade, a leisurely leak during a jamboree or just letrepparttar 146172 creative juices flow at an outdoor jazz festival …when nature calls and there isn’t a blinking one in sight for miles).

July 7 – NATIONAL JERRY-BUILD & JURY-RIG RECOGNITION DAY (It’s never too late to honor all those marvelous makeshift folks who simply slap things together with a bit of duct-tape, silly putty, and glue without it falling around their ears!)

July 8 – JUNKET AWARENESS DAY (Time to audit allrepparttar 146173 places politicians, pundits, and grand pooh-bahs have visited inrepparttar 146174 name of “expanding business opportunities” or “understanding diverse cultures” …all onrepparttar 146175 taxpayers’ tab!)

July 9 – JIM-DANDY, WHIZBANG & HUMDINGER DAY (A great way to honor average Joes who want a name change and need a reason to have a party when it isn’t even their birthday or anniversary …they’re just happy not to be at work today!)

July 10 – JEEPERS CREEPERS - IT'S CRAB APPRECIATION DAY (In honor of all those cranky Cancer-types who love security, money, food, children and also some very old casual clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead even if they have designer-labels and were once worn by Batman orrepparttar 146176 Bees Knees for that matter).

July 11 – JOLLY JUXTAPOSING DAY (For all those folks with a color-coordination or mix-and-match impairment gene, and now a valid excuse to dress up like a dork!)

July 12 – JOYSTICK & JOYRIDE AWARENESS DAY (This day is dedicated to people who are all thumbs, hate teeter-totters, and always dreamed of driving a kiddy-car).

July 13 – NATIONAL JOB-HOPPING DAY (In honor of those who quit their jobs as call center operators, burger flippers, or toll booth attendants and ran away torepparttar 146177 circus).

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