Major Depression and Its Serious Complications

Written by Michael G. Rayel, MD

When suffering from clinical depression, people have different ways of confronting it. Some acknowledge it, face it just like any problem, and seek help. Some ignore it as if it doesn’t exist. And others simply accept that it’s there but they don’t do anything about it. In fact, they don’t even ask for help.

Those who ignore and don’t do anything runrepparttar risk of developingrepparttar 140373 serious complications of depression. Like any medical disorder, untreated clinical depression has its hazards.

What are some ofrepparttar 140374 complications of clinical depression? How serious are they?


Without treatment, some depressed individuals feel hopeless, helpless, and worthless. Subsequently, thoughts about death occur. They sometimes feel that they are better off dead than alive. Asrepparttar 140375 illness worsens, suicidal thoughts and behavior gradually ensue.

Homicidal Behavior

Although rare, homicidal behavior can happen to someone with significant level of depression. In fact, a few high profile cases inrepparttar 140376 media had point to some cases of clinical depression and homicide. Severe depression can result in impaired judgment, making these depressed individuals vulnerable to cause harm.


Clinical depression likewise causes disturbances in perception and thinking. Some individuals with severe depression experience auditory hallucinations (“hearing voices”) and delusions (false fixed beliefs). Hallucinations can manifest as inappropriate commands tellingrepparttar 140377 person to do certain things such as to harm oneself or others. Delusions can range from suspiciousness to bizarre beliefs such asrepparttar 140378 thought thatrepparttar 140379 person isrepparttar 140380 “Anointed One.”

Natural Treatment for Depression - Is There An Alternative?

Written by John Maxford

Many people who are suffering from mild to moderate depression, are choosing to either forego drugs entirely, or to supplementrepparttar minimum dosage their doctor will prescribe, with natural treatment for depression.

This can include a number of lifestyle alterations, and even herbal treatment for depression. The choices are entirely up torepparttar 140159 patient, who as always, should consult with their physician before undertaking any regimen on their own.

One ofrepparttar 140160 first things that Naturopaths will look at for a client suffering from depression, is dietary deficiencies. They may ask you to have blood tests that will measure levels of such things asrepparttar 140161 B complex vitamins in your system. These have been identified as some ofrepparttar 140162 vitamins that figure largely in natural treatment for depression.

Of course, a balanced, healthy diet is of prime importance. Next, comes vitamin supplements, with an emphasis on those your body is lacking.

Add to those things, a good exercise program consisting of at least three "aerobic", or concentrated sessions of exercise a week. This can not only reduce stress, but burn offrepparttar 140163 adrenalin that comes with anxiety. Exercise produces natural endorphins as well.

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