Mail Order: Myths, Magic and Absolute Truths!

Written by Avril Harper

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Mail Order: Myths, Magic, And Absolute Truths!

By Avril Harper 2003

"The World's Most Exciting Business", so said Joe Karbo, direct response guru and legendary creator of The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.

Then how come so few people get started in mail order and direct mail?

Perhaps it'srepparttar myths - lies - surroundingrepparttar 117301 business, doubtlessly perpetrated by successful direct mail and mail order specialists keen to prevent others cashing in on their secrets.

This is what they will tell you ..... and why you should consider mail order and direct mail, as a new business, or add-on to an existing venture.

Myth #1 You Must Have Money - Lots of It - To Make a Fortune in Mail Order and Direct Mail!

Not True! As many fortunes, maybe more, are created by people starting on low budgets as others possessing unlimited cash reserves. Multi-millionaire, Melvin Powers, one of America's leading direct response specialists, sells books and information products, alongside numerous niche market products and others with universal appeal. His immense empire started several decades ago onrepparttar 117302 strength of one small classified ad!

He's not alone. The great Joe Karbo - The Lazy Man's Way to Riches - hit rock bottom and bounced back onrepparttar 117303 tide of several popular mail order products. The same is true of British couple, Daniel and Kathy Crandall, who tell an amazing rags to riches tale in How to Get Rich Sooner Than You Think, published inrepparttar 117304 UK by Chartsearch.

Myth #2 You'll Never Get Rich On One Product!

A half-way truth! One can't deny,repparttar 117305 more best-sellers you have,repparttar 117306 more money you're likely to make. But one best-selling product can still generate very good profits, even a fortune. A good example is Peter van Berckel of Wade World Trade, whose import/export course has sold consistently well for over half a century. Peter tells me that one small advertisement used to promoterepparttar 117307 course has hardly altered in more than fifty years, except for changes of address and telephone numbers.

Myth #3 There's No Such Thing As Small Markets in Mail Order and No Place forrepparttar 117308 Little Guy. You Have to be A Big Fish in a Big Pool! Preferably An Ocean!

Poppycock! You don't need an ocean, even a big pool to make a fortune in mail order or direct mail! In fact, quite oftenrepparttar 117309 reverse is true, and sometimesrepparttar 117310 smaller your target market,repparttar 117311 easier it is to reach andrepparttar 117312 lower your marketing costs are likely to be. It's called niche marketing - targeting a tiny pool of people with a clearly defined shared interest, like entering competitions, fishing, direct mail or animal husbandry. You won't work hard to find them or spend much inrepparttar 117313 process: they readrepparttar 117314 same publications, joinrepparttar 117315 same clubs, they're passionate about their subject, and always eager to buy!

Myth #4 The Average Response in Direct Mail Is 3%! If You're Lucky! Sometimes It's Much Lower than That!

Oh dear,repparttar 117316 biggest, best-traveled myth of all, andrepparttar 117317 one that deters most people from earning a fortune in direct mail. Let me tell you why that 3% suggestion is absolute rubbish. I've had 3%, yes, probably many times more than I've achieved far higher response rates. But I've had as high as 40% to my own list of past buyers and 16% from just one outside list that grows atrepparttar 117318 rate of 2,000 new names each week! It's all a question of continuously mailing past buyers (they know and trust you), testing new lists, and once you achieve a good response to an outside list, roll out consistently to new names and add even more regular buyers to your house list. As always, test all lists carefully, even your own, to ensurerepparttar 117319 best return for your money!

Whether You Know it or Not You Gave a Warranty

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Whether You Know it or Not You Gave a Warranty

Copyright(C)2003 Stephen Bucaro

You may not know it, but when you sell a product you automatically providerepparttar 117302 buyer with a very extensive warranty. Article Two ofrepparttar 117303 Uniform Commercial Code provides buyers with implied warranties of merchantability, fitness, and noninfringement. Few sellers are even aware ofrepparttar 117304 existence of these warranties, yet they exposerepparttar 117305 seller to liability far in excess ofrepparttar 117306 products price.

* Implied Warranty of Merchantability

The Implied Warranty of Merchantability means your product must be "fit forrepparttar 117307 ordinary purposes for which such goods are used". Becauserepparttar 117308 standard for"merchantability" has never been defined, this warranty is very ambiguous. Overrepparttar 117309 years, merchantability has been defined on a case-by-case basis.

When you sell a product, a warranty thatrepparttar 117310 product is "merchantable" is implied, unless you specifically exclude that warranty. The Warranty of Merchantability can be excluded only with "conspicuous" text. The exclusion text must use a different size or color of text thanrepparttar 117311 rest ofrepparttar 117312 contract. The exclusion language must explicitly mention "merchantability".

* Implied Warranty of Fitness

The Implied Warranty of Fitness means your product must be "fit for a particular purpose". Will The court interpretrepparttar 117313 Warranty to mean fit only forrepparttar 117314 purpose for whichrepparttar 117315 product was designed? Do you know every purpose and situation for which your product may be used?

When you sell a product,repparttar 117316 ambiguous "warranty of fitness for a particular purpose" is implied. Specifically excluderepparttar 117317 implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, or clearly document thatrepparttar 117318 product is sold "as-is".

* Implied Warranty of Noninfringement

The Implied Warranty of Noninfringement means that your product does not infringe on a third parties intellectual property rights. Can you guarantee that every aspect of your product does not infringe on some patent, trademark, or copyright?

If your product does infringe on a third parties property rights, you will be liable to reimburserepparttar 117319 buyer for "consequential" damages, (costs ofrepparttar 117320 lawsuit resulting fromrepparttar 117321 infringement), and "incidental" damages (costs to replacerepparttar 117322 product).

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