Maguma has integrated support for the eBay Acellerator Toolkit for PHP (PHP-AT) in their PHP IDE Maguma Workbench

Written by Maguma

(Bolzano/Italy) Maguma will publish atrepparttar beginning of April 2005 a new module,repparttar 110072 PHP AT of eBay. This new module will be integrated inrepparttar 110073 modular PHP IDE, Maguma Workbench. The Accelerator Tooolkit for PHP (PHP-AT) allowsrepparttar 110074 integration of data available on eBay via a set of custom PHP classes. The PHP-AT is written completely in PHP and only requires PHP version 4.3.x or higher compiled withrepparttar 110075 cURL and OpenSSL modules. Future versions ofrepparttar 110076 eBay PHP-AT will also be supported with Maguma Workbench in this manner. Withrepparttar 110077 integration ofrepparttar 110078 eBay Acellerator for PHP in Maguma Workbench,repparttar 110079 productivity ofrepparttar 110080 creation of new webapplications integrating eBay can be increased.

Clean Vacationing

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Clean Vacationing (409 words)

Admit it. Whenrepparttar sun is out and you are at your favorite campsite or cottage onrepparttar 105541 lakerepparttar 105542 last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time cooking a meal. Often, when vacationing,repparttar 105543 lure to purchase instant foods is strong. Unfortunately, these convenience foods often come over packaged usually including some type of plastic. As we can see when we come across trash inrepparttar 105544 wilderness,repparttar 105545 plastics tend to lingerrepparttar 105546 longest - other than maybe glass and metal. Nothing ruinsrepparttar 105547 feel of a pristine, natural area more than a bunch of garbage. Numerous studies prove that tourists return to an area primarily for its cleanliness and greenery. In this era whererepparttar 105548 economy has come to rely more on tourism, cleaning up is truly a benefit forrepparttar 105549 community.

We soon realized that walking by these messes and complaining over such disrespect, we were behaving not much better thanrepparttar 105550 polluters who left it. Now when we hike we pack a supply of plastic bags (grocery bags work well) to clean up as we go. Often we earn up to $10 in returnable bottles and cans inrepparttar 105551 process. When you take a bit of time to clean up some trash not only do you have a better trail or beach to come back to, you have helped to make it safer and nicer forrepparttar 105552 next user. This simple measure just might influence others to keep it clean, as well.

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