"Magnify Your Sales Letter's Potential By 50% Or More With A Technique That 95% Of Website Sales Letter's Aren't Using!"

Written by Mike Jezek

You don't want your competitors to read this! Friend, inrepparttar next few moments, I'm going to go ahead and reveal to you a simple and yet, little known technique that's being neglected by 95% ofrepparttar 127291 website sales letters out there. This technique when applied to your website's sales presentation can increase response. What am I talking about? I'm talking aboutrepparttar 127292 "Lift Letter."

Having a lift letter integrated with your website's main sales letter may just berepparttar 127293 shock force that sends a surge of more sales rolling in. Ok, you may be asking, "What is a lift letter?" A lift letter is nothing more than another one or two page sales letter in addition to your main sales letter. Question. Have you ever gotten a direct mail package containing a little folded note urging you to buy, which was usually a canary yellow or light blue color? That's a lift letter. Many direct mail packages use them. However, there has been debate as whether they are worthrepparttar 127294 cost. Why? As you know, conducting a direct mail campaign can be expensive! And most savvy companies, once they have a successful direct mail package, try to streamline it to make it more cost-effective without suppressing response. And sometimes that lift letter is scrapped. But how does this apply to you?

The Killer Sales Letter Checklist!

Written by Grady Smith

Sales letter not pulling like you want? Need a quick “fill inrepparttar blanks” formula for marketing your next product? Here are 20 essential components ofrepparttar 127290 hard-selling sales letter:

1) Does your headline speak directly to your potential customer and give them a strong, specific benefit of your product or service?

2) Did you start withrepparttar 127291 strongest benefit of your product or service, then work your way down to includerepparttar 127292 least important benefits for your potential customer?

3) Do you explain how your product or service is better or different than your competitors?

4) Does your sales letter speak directly to your prospect? In other words, instead of saying, “people that like horses will love this book” you say, “If you love horses you’ll love this book.”

5) Do you use “you” twice as often as “I” in your sales letter?

6) Is your sales letter easy to read using short sentences and paragraphs?

7) Do you use power words and write withrepparttar 127293 goal of keeping your reader’s interest?

8) Do you show your potential customer their problem; agitate it by telling them how troublesome it is, then offer your product or service asrepparttar 127294 solution?

9) Is your copy clear, easy to understand, and follows a flow from one paragraph torepparttar 127295 next?

10) Are your strong words and phrases highlighted or bolded to draw attention and keeprepparttar 127296 reader focused?

11) Is your sales letter written in a friendly, active, conversational,” me to you”, tone of voice?

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