Magnetic Therapy Offers Natural Pain Relief

Written by Paul Forcey

No one can denyrepparttar power of magnets, racing pigeons find their way home across thousands of miles, and Salmon userepparttar 149387 earth’s magnetic pulses to travel through oceans to make their way back to their spawning grounds. The ancient Celts built their places of worship at points whererepparttar 149388 earth’s magnetic ley lines intersect.

Are you sitting there reading this and rubbing your wrist because your arthritis is playing up again? Do you avoid walking up stairs as your knees hurt so much?

Magnets have been helping guide animals aroundrepparttar 149389 world for millions of years; they can now help you with your pain.

Inrepparttar 149390 December 2004 issue ofrepparttar 149391 British Medical Journal, one study concluded that wearing magnetic bracelets can significantly reducerepparttar 149392 pain of arthritis. As more questions are raised every day overrepparttar 149393 use of drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx) to assist in pain relief for arthritis,repparttar 149394 study is good news torepparttar 149395 over 70 million Americans suffering fromrepparttar 149396 disease.

Arthritis affects one in three adults inrepparttar 149397 United States, and over half of those feel that there is nothing that can be done to ease their pain. It is a sad world when people will suffer their pain rather than take medication as they are so frightened ofrepparttar 149398 potential side affects ofrepparttar 149399 prescribed medications.

The Nasal Problem Begins with Post Nasal Drip

Written by Joe Miller

A nasal problem is a very general description of a variety of very specific problems that all hearken back torepparttar same culprit: post nasal drip. It is important not to makerepparttar 149345 mistake in thinking that post nasal drip isrepparttar 149346 cause of every nasal problem. It is more accurate to say that a nasal problem isrepparttar 149347 result of letting post nasal drip go unchecked.

Post nasal drip is a sensation of mucous or liquid buildup inrepparttar 149348 back ofrepparttar 149349 throat. It is very common and not very dangerous unless left unchecked. When you spot a sinus infection symptom, it probably began with ignored post nasal drip. But a sinus infection, or sinusitis, is only one kind of nasal problem. This article will describe various nasal problems, in order to provide helpful information aboutrepparttar 149350 relationship between something as small as post nasal drip and something big enough to be called a nasal problem.

The following are considered sinus infection symptoms which indicaterepparttar 149351 onset of a nasal problem, and they generally begin with post nasal drip:

Nasal Congestions

Nasal congestions begin if post nasal drip is left unchecked as it accumulates. Becauserepparttar 149352 throat and nose are so closely connected,repparttar 149353 accumulation of liquid and mucous can move intorepparttar 149354 nasal passages creating blockage. This is a minor nasal problem that could easily become a major one.

Sinus Pressure

Asrepparttar 149355 blockage remains,repparttar 149356 nasal problem becomes greater. The sinus pressure itself is not a result ofrepparttar 149357 blockage; it is morerepparttar 149358 result ofrepparttar 149359 blockage remaining a stagnant pool inrepparttar 149360 nasal passages. Those pools of accumulation become infested with bacteria, which will lead to a bigger nasal problem.

Sinus Headache

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