Magical Words Make Your Site Sell!

Written by Robert Olson

You can read magical words all over sites that sell. Even search engines record and display these special words. Every part of e-commerce requiresrepparttar use of these magical words or sales onrepparttar 125155 internet would be very few indeed!

When someone goes to your website, it is because they believe something they are looking for will be found there. They won't actually findrepparttar 125156 product or service in most cases, but rather they find words. Your words better start filling your visitors needs right offrepparttar 125157 bat or they will be long gone! When visitors first arrive, they really don't care about allrepparttar 125158 the great things you might want to say about your company. Fromrepparttar 125159 minute they arrive, you need to start capturing their attention withrepparttar 125160 first magical words - Benefits! Start telling your visitor how your product or service is going to save them time, money, or give them health, happiness or whatever it is that your product or service will do for them.

You will need to learn to use magical words that grab attention, words that spell outrepparttar 125161 benefits and create a desire for your visitors to click until they buy! When you look atrepparttar 125162 sites that sell, you won't find flashy pages with streamming audio and video. What you will find is well thought out sales material that generally focuses on an age old sales formula layed out in this order: (1) attract - Attention (2) generate - Interest (3) stimulate - desire (4) ask for - Action

Take Advantage of Testimonial Pages and Advertise Your Site Free

Written by Holly Janion

With more and more web sites appearing onrepparttar internet on a daily basis, competition in your field of expertise is most likely getting stronger. You cannot afford to be complacent with regard to spreadingrepparttar 125154 word about your web site. It is critical that your site features prominently withrepparttar 125155 search engines and one criteria that many search engines look at, isrepparttar 125156 amount of sites linking back to you.

Many sites will link back to you if you offer a reciprocal link, but I know I don't want my site filled with all sorts of banners and buttons, with content that may not even be of interest to my visitors.

What if I told you there was a free way to get hundreds of web sites to link to you absolutely free without a reciprocal link? Interested?

Think about it. You're a webmaster. Don't you love it when somebody writes to you telling you how great your site is, how useful they foundrepparttar 125157 content, how originalrepparttar 125158 design is etc etc. I know I do! Many webmasters, in order to give their sites credibility and their visitors confidence, have testimonial pages. These testimonial pages usually include not onlyrepparttar 125159 testimonial received, butrepparttar 125160 source with a link back.

To benefit all you need to do is scourrepparttar 125161 internet for sites with testimonial pages and send your comments torepparttar 125162 webmaster concerned. If you have good things to say,repparttar 125163 webmaster will naturally want to share those comments with his or her visitors and will more than likely include your testimonial onrepparttar 125164 testimonial page.

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