Magic Happens

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Those arerepparttar words in an advertisement onrepparttar 123957 television screen when I walked intorepparttar 123958 living room yesterday. I was doing my usual morning routine of gettingrepparttar 123959 children up and out ofrepparttar 123960 house so Katherine would arrive at school on time. Usuallyrepparttar 123961 TV is not something I notice. My normal words are, "Turn offrepparttar 123962 TV before you leaverepparttar 123963 room." Two words onrepparttar 123964 screen stopped me in my tracks. More common was another saying that tells us "Something Negative Always (my translation) Happens" I noticed a few specific details of this advertising. 1. It was provided by a company whose mission includes creatingrepparttar 123965 most universally positive experiences for people who participate in their products and services. The company? Disney. 2. It maderepparttar 123966 statement as pure truth: obviously it is a belief they are sending out torepparttar 123967 world. They translate this belief into something tangible each and every day to consumers who are ready and willing to share in their vision. I have many personal experiences where Magic HAS happened at Disneyland, while watching a Disney movie, listening to a Disney soundtrack, shopping in our local Disney store.

1-2-3 Stretch Your Mind!

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Yesterday my daughter Katherine and I went out to breakfast. After discovering our favorite Sports Cafe, Goose Loonies, no longer served breakfast on Sunday mornings, we decided to go a completely different route.

We chose a local Hometown Buffet, a restaurant whose claim to fame is everyone can get exactly what his or her tastebuds desire. Because of repparttar vast selection and wide array of tasty delicacies assembled onrepparttar 123956 sumptious buffet, any dining experience is possible.

Occasionally I get cravings for institutional style scrambled eggs.

Satisfying that need was my sole focus as I surveyedrepparttar 123957 vast assemblage of food choices before me.

The surprising comfort of my scrambled eggs always brings a smile and contented smile to my spirit.

What is it aboutrepparttar 123958 eggs that quickly brings me to this different state?

Possibly it isrepparttar 123959 connection between eating institutional eggs and one ofrepparttar 123960 more remarkable of my life: my college years. A period of coming into my own. The first time I was not identified as "Sue's Sister" or "Nancy's Daughter" or "The Nicest Jordan Child." I could simply be me. And I ate runny scrambled eggs a couple times a week as I set forth onrepparttar 123961 new adventure each day held.

Perhaps that is one ofrepparttar 123962 reasons I adore scrambled eggs. I had various emotional associations that I connect to this dining experience. Especially with eggs that are cooked in high quantities rather than in my own skillet.

I have been reading a book entitled, "Keep Your Brain Alive" by Lawrence C. Katz and Manning Rubin. A fascinating read, it features Neurobic exercises which will increase mental fitness.

Amongrepparttar 123963 simplest and most effective means of stretching our brain's effectiveness is to connect multisensory associations and to regularly switch our standard routines.

After eating my scrambled eggs, I opted for a crunchy green salad. Having "mismatched foods" or lunch for breakfast is one way to surprise and delightrepparttar 123964 brain. Also,repparttar 123965 quiet to eat scrambled eggs immediately followed byrepparttar 123966 loudly crunching veggies create a multisensory playground for my neurons to laugh and rollick. Katherine was so intrigued by my selection, she followed suit. A brief aside, I wonder what has happened this year? My fourth grader has accomplishedrepparttar 123967 high honor of being onrepparttar 123968 Principal's list two consecutive grading periods and has been selected for Mt. Vernon Elementary's Academic Pentathlon team. Interesting to ponder.

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