Magic Food

Written by Sam Stevens

Rememberrepparttar old adage, you are what you eat? The simplest magical ritual that you can do is to cut open a fruit or vegetable and eat it while thinking of your magical intention. Below is a compilation of common foods and their metaphysical associations. Apple: Draws a lover, erotic experiences to you. Increases attraction. Apple compote with cinnamon is thought to speed uprepparttar 129984 arrival of a lover to you or encourage a reluctant lover to make a cerebral relationship physical. Apricot: For flirtation or light hearted romantic experience. Avocado: To make yourself appear younger to others or increase personal beauty or attractiveness. Avocado isrepparttar 129985 love apple of Venus. Banana: Eaten by males - increases fertility and heroism. Eaten by females - draws a lover. Beets: Increases virility, passion, erotica and fertility. It is a root so it grounds a relationship and bindsrepparttar 129986 lover to you. Blueberry: To eliminate obstacles or rivals that may come between you. As you swallow each blueberry, imaginerepparttar 129987 things that come between you falling away or disappearing. Butter: To eliminate hostility and arguments. While smoothing it on a piece of bread, hopefully with a little honey too, think of things smoothing out. Cardamom: This herb is thought to amplify a love that is already there or strengthen existing relationships. Drink a cup of Chai tea with cardamom in it for this purpose. Carrot: Helps bring masculine energies to a woman. For a man strengthens virility. Celery: Increases libido and passion. Encourages reluctant lovers to take action Cherry: Eat for love, health and to boost sexual attraction. Chocolate: An aphrodisiac. Lifts moods and attracts sensual experiences. Binds lovers. Clove: Add clove to curry dishes, baked dishes and hot chocolate for fun, love and erotic experiences. This is alsorepparttar 129988 bud of stolen kisses so it is good for mistresses to spike their lover's meals with it. Coriander: Add to curries and salads to attract your soulmate. It represents a high spiritual love combined with wisdom. Cucumber: Eaten for sexual stamina, beautiful skin. Chop with extreme prejudice if you are into revenge on a certain philandering male. Eggs: An ancient symbol of conception: Eat for fertility and fidelity. Garlic: Eat to banishrepparttar 129989 "other woman" or a rival who may be inrepparttar 129990 way. Grapes: Grapes are a symbol of a happy marriage and many children. Eat to increase fertility and emotional security. Can also be used to increase your popularity with opposite sex. As you eat each grape, picture another lover coming your way … known or unknown. Red grapes are best for this purpose. Guava: Relieves heartbreak, attracts new romance, revivesrepparttar 129991 erotic imagination. Honey: The nectar ofrepparttar 129992 Gods. Sweetens up a relationship. Attracts positive love and attention. Lemon: Marriage, joy, fidelity, pure intentions and longevity in a relationship. Mushrooms: Eat raw to make yourself beautiful and increase your feminine mystique. Orange: Health, fidelity, love and joy.

Ceromancy: The Fine Art of Candle Reading

Written by Sam Stevens

Lately, I have been asked a lot of questions inrepparttar Psychic Realm chatroom about "ceromancy". That isrepparttar 129982 fine art of reading a situation by studyingrepparttar 129983 way a candle burns. Arerepparttar 129984 flames leaping high? Isrepparttar 129985 wax sizzling and crackling and popping? What does it mean whenrepparttar 129986 flame goes out? Many people inrepparttar 129987 Realm overrepparttar 129988 last year have become avid candle-burners and realized quite instinctively thatrepparttar 129989 way a candle is behaving is often a mirror ofrepparttar 129990 situation as it presently exists and its outcome. It is, after all, one ofrepparttar 129991 world's most ancient forms of divination. The leaping and reaching candle flames are seen to representrepparttar 129992 souls ofrepparttar 129993 individuals involved inrepparttar 129994 situation being read. For instance, one member,repparttar 129995 other day asked me what it meant whenrepparttar 129996 wax fromrepparttar 129997 candle she was burning for love melted intorepparttar 129998 shape of a heart. Anyone who is used to reading wax drippings knows that is extremely good news and probably meansrepparttar 129999 other person is thinking of you. Another phenomenon that I am constantly asked about is what I call "accelerated magic." This is when a candle, that usually lasts about four hours, starts smoking and seems to burn down very rapidly …like in about fifteen minutes. This is usually good news and means that your prayer or request will probably be answered quite rapidly. Ifrepparttar 130000 candle was being burned for protection of some kind, it means that there was more than likely some kind of invasion or attack thatrepparttar 130001 spirits decided to take care of as fast as possible. In general, when you first lightrepparttar 130002 candle, ifrepparttar 130003 candle starts smoking quite heavily right away that is a very good sign. It means that negative energy is being removed fromrepparttar 130004 situation. Ifrepparttar 130005 smoke is white, it means your prayers will be answered right away. If it is black, your prayer will probably be answered, but it is possible there will be obstacles in a way. You have to use your gut instinct ifrepparttar 130006 flame doesn't smoke at all. Sometimes that can mean there are no obstacles and other times, it means thatrepparttar 130007 matter is long over. A clear, strong flame that burns steadily is a good sign thatrepparttar 130008 candle is sending out a great deal of power and energy to manifest what you want. If it is small and more ball shaped than teardrop shaped, it is less likely that your prayer will be answered. A weak or low flame means you are facing some "heavy" opposition. Staring at a flame is a great way of telling you if your magic is working. It never ceases to amaze me how a flame will seem to grow higher or grope for more airrepparttar 130009 more you meditate upon it. You can also do some divination by looking straight intorepparttar 130010 heart ofrepparttar 130011 flame -repparttar 130012 blue center that is surrounded byrepparttar 130013 orange halo. A healthy flame has a bright red core, surrounded by a blue halo and then a yellow colour. A blazing red center tells you that spirits are getting torepparttar 130014 heart ofrepparttar 130015 matter. A red center that is dim or just a pinpoint reveals a situation that may not be motivated byrepparttar 130016 heart. Ifrepparttar 130017 wick ofrepparttar 130018 candle starts building a little bulb at its tip, chances are that you have opposition or a third party working against you. If there is a lot of blue inrepparttar 130019 flame, I take that as a sign that angels and spirits are protecting you from a possibly unhappy outcome.

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