Magic, Clown Magic, and Magic in Clowning - What's the Difference?

Written by Tom Raymond

In this article, I'd like to make a few short comments aboutrepparttar performance of magic in clowning — where it's appropriate, and where it's not. For instance, it would be out of character for a bumbling clown to suddenly put on a serious demeanor, and withrepparttar 147701 aid of a beautiful assistant, saw a woman in half, or levitate her, or cause her to mysteriously vanish & reappear. Any of these would be totally out of character for virtually any clown.

However, it would be perfectly in character for a clown to attempt to berepparttar 147702 suave magician, and be revealed forrepparttar 147703 charlatan he is, either by his own bungling or that of his assistant (likely an auguste or tramp clown). Sincerepparttar 147704 clown is, by definition, a bungler, this would be fine, and totally in character. In fact, once having been exposed/failed, it would be fine forrepparttar 147705 clown to successfully completerepparttar 147706 magic (withrepparttar 147707 help ofrepparttar 147708 audience, a volunteer fromrepparttar 147709 audience, or perhaps with a clown assistant).

There is another way forrepparttar 147710 clown to perform magically, however. Something that we forget too often is thatrepparttar 147711 clown is, himself, a magical character, a 'toon come to life. Whereasrepparttar 147712 clown cannot perform magic in character (most ofrepparttar 147713 time; if it's in character for your clown to successfully perform magically, do so! No one complains that a clown juggler can successfully juggle, or that a clown balloon artist can twist latex into wonderful shapes without them popping), magic can (and perhaps should) happen torepparttar 147714 clown, without his even being aware of it. For instance, it is perfectly in character for a clown assistant to a magician to be handed three rings, only to have them magically link in his hands – withrepparttar 147715 clown having a befuddled expression as to how this could have happened!

Roulette Systems: Are you sure they work?

Written by GameTime

Have you ever seen someone placing bet after bet onrepparttar roulette table. How about watching that bet double, quadruple, and so on. Many gamblers haverepparttar 147676 belief that you can play a system such as Martingale, High 12 or Low 12 and when a ton of money onrepparttar 147677 game. Unfortunately these gambles are never going to strike it rich. The formula –x + (-y) = -z shows whererepparttar 147678 impossibility occurs. When you add two negative numbers, x and y, you still end up with negative number z. No regressive betting system will ever prevail on roulette.

I know you may be skeptical and think that red or black, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36, should pretty much hit 50% ofrepparttar 147679 time withrepparttar 147680 exception ofrepparttar 147681 0 and 00. I have seen 11 blacks in a row. I have also seen huge droughts of even, odd or any other combination. Just think if you were playing Martingale where your bet would be: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, and you still haven’t made it torepparttar 147682 11th bet, not to mention you have reachedrepparttar 147683 table max and bet over $5000 just to win a $5 bet when you eventually do win.

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