Madrid Spain - Take A Tour Of A City That Rocks

Written by Linda Plummer

One thing is for sure, "Madrileños" certainly know how to enjoy life torepparttar full, and you should too whilst in Madrid, forrepparttar 140362 capital of Spain is a charming city, rich in culture and, at night it really rocks!

For shopoholics, its bustling Gran Via offers some ofrepparttar 140363 finest stores in Europe.

Forrepparttar 140364 children, there is plenty to keep them amused withrepparttar 140365 Zoo-Aquarium,repparttar 140366 Faunia Theme Park,repparttar 140367 Wax Museum,repparttar 140368 Amusement Park, Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Park ...

Andrepparttar 140369 city comes alive at night for everyone. Cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, floorshows, ballet, opera ...repparttar 140370 choice is yours!

Duringrepparttar 140371 day, there are all those sensational sights to see, many of which can be viewed from an open-top tour bus if you´re feeling too lazy to walk!

The Palacio Real or Royal Palace has beenrepparttar 140372 residence of repparttar 140373 Spanish Royal Monarchy in Madrid since 1764. Across its courtyard isrepparttar 140374 Royal Armoury and, close by, arerepparttar 140375 beautiful Sabatini Gardens and Cathedral ofrepparttar 140376 Almudena, where Prince Felipe recently married his true love.

The Plaza Mayor is a huge square of 3-storey buildings constructed in 1617 with a statue of Felipe III on horeseback in its center.

Barcelona Spain - That Sensational Second City of Spain

Written by Linda Plummer

What more could you want out of life than a tremendous trip to Barcelona?!

Second city of Spain and major Mediterranean port, bustling Barcelona incorporates a delightful historic mix of Roman remains, medieval quarters and 20th century avant-garde art. It also possesses beautiful beaches nearby!

Nature lovers need not travel far to be able to hike through hills that are part ofrepparttar Coastal Mountain Range and Catalonian Pyrenees.

Not only is Barcelona a tremendous artistic source, there is also penty forrepparttar 140361 children to do. How they will loverepparttar 140362 beaches that surroundrepparttar 140363 city,repparttar 140364 Aquarium, Zoo, Maritime Museum, Museum of Barcelona Football Club, Olympic Stadium and nearby theme park!

For shopoholics,repparttar 140365 Barcelona Shopping Line will greatly appeal!

The velvet night vibrates with night clubs, discos, shows, restaurants, bars, cafés ... not to mention theaters, cinemas, opera and classical music concerts.

Needless to say, Barcelona is a culture-vulture´s dream come true with most places of historic interest being situated in repparttar 140366 Old Town.

The Old Town spreads north-west fromrepparttar 140367 harbor and, at its heart, isrepparttar 140368 Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gótico. El Arco de Triunfo can be found there, plusrepparttar 140369 impressive Cathedral of Ciudad Condal.

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