Madame Alexander Dolls

Written by Gayle Olson

For more than 77 years Madame Alexander dolls have found their way intorepparttar hearts of girls (young and old) and collector's aroundrepparttar 116345 world. Always elegant, charming and lovable, "Madame Alexander" remains to be a favorite classic toy and collectible each holiday season.

As Madame Alexander enteredrepparttar 116346 Toy Industry's Hall of Fame in 2000,repparttar 116347 story of Madame Alexander is alsorepparttar 116348 story ofrepparttar 116349 evolution ofrepparttar 116350 dolls throughrepparttar 116351 past century.

Madame Alexander was a remarkable woman with a dream andrepparttar 116352 determination to make that dream a reality. Before I introduce you to my personal Madame Alexander "wish list" take time to meet Beatrice Alexander Behrman,repparttar 116353 woman who made little girls dreams come true.


Chris Loans

Written by Do You Hate It or Love It?

Do You Hate It or Love It?

If you can completerepparttar Rubik's cube then you love it, but if you can't then you hate that piece of plastic with 26 parts and one frame.

For 18 years I fiddled and got frustrated byrepparttar 116344 cube. When you are young there is lots of time to spend on this sort of thing.

Atrepparttar 116345 age of 21 someone showed merepparttar 116346 moves required to solverepparttar 116347 cube. I was very pleased but also highly annoyed that it took 18 years for me to findrepparttar 116348 solution.

I am now 26 and I have done some research on that rigid time waster some people call a puzzle. It is way more than a puzzle!

Many people have studiedrepparttar 116349 maths ofrepparttar 116350 cube, hencerepparttar 116351 algorithms available on some sites that will solve any cube so long as you enterrepparttar 116352 colors in correctly.

The maths used inrepparttar 116353 cube is of a higher form that is studied at school, it is called group theory. Enough of that though!

There are two ways to dorepparttar 116354 cube. The short way, andrepparttar 116355 long way.

The long way involves completing one side first and then completingrepparttar 116356 rest ofrepparttar 116357 cube, using sequences of moves that move certain blocks around. There are a few different methods and they all require you to remember sequences of moves for different situations.

Each person is different and one person might prefer one method over another, but for merepparttar 116358 main criteria for a solution isrepparttar 116359 ease with whichrepparttar 116360 solution can be remembered, so that a couple of months downrepparttar 116361 line you will still be able to dorepparttar 116362 cube without having practiced.

The short way involves hours of dedication and a good memory. Sequences of turns are memorized along with whatrepparttar 116363 sequence achieves. The difference here is there are over 40 different sets of moves, and even more depending how determined you are.

To completerepparttar 116364 cube inrepparttar 116365 world record time of 16.5 seconds (averaged over 3 attempts, in front of an audience) requires you to know justrepparttar 116366 right turns to getrepparttar 116367 mixed up cube torepparttar 116368 completed state. I would imagine that a person would have to almost become “one withrepparttar 116369 cube” to be able to achieve this consistently.

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