Madam Ha's Kitchen - A Taste of Sarawak

Written by Jane Ha

With a multicultural background that consists of Chinese, Malay, Indian and minority ethnic groups from both East and West Malaysia, borrowing and adapting from each other's cooking techniques and ingredients that spice uprepparttar kitchen, it is hardly surprisingly that Malaysian cuisine is often considered as one ofrepparttar 125441 most well known inrepparttar 125442 region and has increasingly became popular throughoutrepparttar 125443 world.

Many ofrepparttar 125444 dishes are moderately spicy and rich in flavors from a mixture of ingredients including coconut, coriander, cumin, ginger, mint, nutmeg, pepper, tamarind, turmeric and many others.

Amongstrepparttar 125445 various spices mentioned, we’ll be looking at one particular ingredient that has been widely used byrepparttar 125446 locals and one that has earned international recognition overrepparttar 125447 years and is now synonymous with quality inrepparttar 125448 spice trade – “The Sarawak Pepper”.

Pepper,repparttar 125449 “King of Spices”, originated fromrepparttar 125450 south-western part of India and was first introduced to Sarawak by Spencer St John in 1856.

The tropical climate of Sarawak is ideal for pepper cultivation, and is often available in white and black, ground or whole.

Overrepparttar 125451 past 100 years, Sarawak pepper has been exported throughoutrepparttar 125452 world and has earned numerous awards and recognition and often featured in their culinary creations by top gourmet chefs all overrepparttar 125453 world due to its distinctive aroma and flavour.

This absolutely delicious dish is very easy to prepare and your family, friends and guests will, without a doubt, find it most palatable.

Ingredients: 500 g of fish fillet ( eg. cod ) 1 tablespoon of olive oil Dressing: 2 tablespoons of crushed black peppercorns 1 teaspoon of sugar 4 tablespoons of good quality oyster sauce 3 tablespoons of sweet cooking wine (or sherry)

The Gambling Star - The Difference System

Written by S.K. Lee

We will kick-off this first issue with a look at ‘The Difference System’ featured inrepparttar ebook “Roulette Secrets Unveiled”.

The approach of this system is rather unique and is presented in two parts.

Part-I deals with how one should selectrepparttar 125440 correct numbers to play, and this is achieved by recording numbers ontorepparttar 125441 I.C.S Marking card that is specially designed forrepparttar 125442 system.

The process appears complex at first glance but you soon get a hang of it once you have marked a full card. The objective of this exercise is to identifyrepparttar 125443 best group (out of a possible 16) of 9 numbers to play. The selection logic is based on what Dr.Lim refers to as ‘fluctuating numbers’.

The analysis looks atrepparttar 125444 occurrence of numbers at each spin and deducesrepparttar 125445 “difference” betweenrepparttar 125446 occurrences for each group of numbers.

Charting in this manner for 16 to 20 spins,repparttar 125447 card will reveal whether a fluctuation exists, and if so, which group of numbers are exhibitingrepparttar 125448 strongest fluctuation.

Unlike systems that look for “no shows”,repparttar 125449 Difference System identifies which group of numbers are “showing more” and “how often more”.

Once this exercise is completed, Part-II ofrepparttar 125450 system introduces various betting strategies that can be used to take advantage ofrepparttar 125451 information derived in Part-I.

Most systems usually focus on Part-II i.erepparttar 125452 betting strategy. The selection processes are usually neglected or weak with no logic behind it. Without a powerful and logical selection process, a betting strategy alone cannot achieve long term success.

You can use a flat betting strategy withrepparttar 125453 Difference System or you may choose to play a progression. A 16-step progression is given in a base-table which can be adapted for any table value in any currency that you play in.

However,repparttar 125454 strategy is not just a straight forward 16 step progression. Further techniques to minimizerepparttar 125455 risk factor are also introduced eg. Playing torepparttar 125456 8th step and suspending play; how to gain extra free chances to create more than 16 steps; andrepparttar 125457 most powerful strategy called ‘Dynamic-D’ strategy whereby you playrepparttar 125458 16 or more steps based onrepparttar 125459 occurrence whererepparttar 125460 values of ‘D’ –repparttar 125461 difference – is either 1 or 2. This highly effective strategy is like having several layers of safety nets for a trapeze artist in a circus. And let’s face it, we could all do with these safety nets as we are often like a trapeze artist atrepparttar 125462 roulette tables.

“Roulette Secrets Unveiled” is not a typical roulette systems book that contains re-hashed information or makes outrageous claims or ridiculous guarantees of performance. It contains totally new concepts never before published and is based on Dr.Lim’s live workshops which he conducts and charges US$500 per person for just 3 – 4 hours of tutoring. The ebook is currently very reasonably priced at just US$247.

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