Macro Photography Inspirations, Tips and Tricks

Written by Paul Smith

You won’t have to look hr to find close-up ideas – even everyday household objets can make fantastic subjects Once You’ve trained your eye to look for macro photo opportunities, you’ll find them almost anywhere, even in objects such as stamps, coins, paper clips, drawing pins and so on. The fact that you’re capturing them from an unusual viewpoint makes shot of ‘found’ objects interesting in themselves.

Macro tips

If your camera focuses poorly at close range, userepparttar telephoto setting to increase magnification. However, remember that this will further reduce depth of field.

Attach a close up lens that screws ontorepparttar 141147 camera’s filter thread (assuming your camera has one). Available in +1, +2, +3, +4 and +10 magnification, many camera can be adapted with push on systems that enable a close up lens to be fitted

Pump Up Your Life with Scrapbook Pages of Certainty

Written by Fion Lim

If you can voice enthusiastically that scrapbooking is your passion, could you sayrepparttar same thing about how you feel towards yourself?

Yes, can you tell others without turning all red inrepparttar 141062 face that you are passionate about yourself and about who you are?

Are you thinking what a Weird remark to make to others? Could anyone ever be passionate about themselves?

But why not?

Do you really want to wait a lifetime for that someone to tell you that they're passionate about you, while you can't sayrepparttar 141063 same thing about yourself?

As scrapbookers, you might deliberately or unknowingly be consumed withrepparttar 141064 business of scrapbooking your kids’ or your loved ones’ lives. And all these time neglecting to do pages on yourself.

Has too much time lapsed since you last sat down and scrapbooked about you?

Do you find yourself brushingrepparttar 141065 task away with a mere, "Nay, what's there to scrapbook about me? It's more interesting to scrapbook about others."

Do you really think so? Perhaps just think again.

Through scrapbooking about yourself, you aren't depriving others ofrepparttar 141066 chance to be inrepparttar 141067 scrapbooks. You are in truth missing out chances to validate yourself as a person. You are not giving yourselfrepparttar 141068 opportunity to give voice to your thoughts and memories. You are also leavingrepparttar 141069 chance to build up scrapbook pages of certainty onrepparttar 141070 table.

Did I hear you asking curiously, "What's scrapbook pages of certainty?"

Well, for those of us who do spend time to scrapbook about ourselves, we'll feel a blissful sense of comfort. We become clearer on we've learned on hindsight. We start to own clarifying thoughts on our goals ahead. And we experience a growing certainty of who we are as a person, woman, worker, mother, nurturer, homemaker and other hats that we don on.

You can dorepparttar 141071 same for yourself too.

I urge you to not procrastinate on this important aspect of taking care of yourself. Instead, put others aside once in a while, and feed your inner desire for self-awareness and self-growth with scrapbook pages of certainty.

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