M & M's Royal Orgasmic Delight

Written by Michael Levy.

The Levy's are two devoted healthy eaters. They love to discover new tasty, healthy dishes fit to set before kings & queens. Their latest dessert dish is indeed an orgasmic delight that allowsrepparttar taste buds to go on a journey of blissful decadence. Andrepparttar 113189 good news is it is packed full of natures goodness and can be part of a weight reducing diet.

First fill a jar three quarters full with pitted dried prunes, sliced oranges, lemons (optional) and a couple of cinnamon sticks. Fill torepparttar 113190 top with hot water just off boiling point. Allow to cool slightly and add two tablespoons of brandy, put on lid whilst still hot and this forms a seal. Store it in a cool place for one month. This will allowrepparttar 113191 flavors to marinate.

Toast a cup full of organic rolled oats.

Next, grate some bitter Belgium pure chocolate (cooking chocolate has no added anything) in a dish. You can grate as little or as much as you feel necessary to electrify your taste buds.

Peel a ripe banana. Rollrepparttar 113192 banana inrepparttar 113193 grated chocolate. Now, Rollrepparttar 113194 chocolate banana inrepparttar 113195 toasted oats. Spread a couple of juicy prunes on top and slice into pieces. Close your eyes and savor each mouthful of delectable delight.

Do you know the difference between brewing tea for testing vs. for tasting?

Written by Tea Hub

The purpose of brewing tea for testing is to bring out allrepparttar bad aspects of tea. The purpose of brewing tea for tasting, onrepparttar 113188 other hand, is to avoid allrepparttar 113189 bad aspects of tea. As you can see,repparttar 113190 two actually serve completely opposite purposes.

When brewing tea for testing, we normally use hot boiling water to brew tea for 5 minutes in a covered teaware. This will bring out allrepparttar 113191 bad tastes and smells of tea. When brewing tea for tasting,

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