M.A.D. About Nukes

Written by Ed Howes

Every living person and every one to come hasrepparttar right to have and use any weapon that may be used against them. The only way to prevent pre emptive strikes is for opponents to agree to a simultaneous strike, which seldom happens. Who doubts thatrepparttar 126014 defense policy of Mutually Assured Destruction prevented war betweenrepparttar 126015 Soviet Union/Russia andrepparttar 126016 U.S. for 50 years? Who would argue that it has not prevented a recent war between India and Pakistan?

These nuclear powers have made it so obvious that nukes make friends of adversaries; Iraq, Iran and North Korea had/have every intention of acquiring them. I'm all for it. The U.S. needs allrepparttar 126017 friends it can get, forrepparttar 126018 foreseeable future. Pakistan and Russia can definitely userepparttar 126019 income from nuclear trade. In fact, Russia and Pakistan should dominate this market unlessrepparttar 126020 U.S. decides to compete forrepparttar 126021 business. Recent talk about mini nukes tells merepparttar 126022 U.S. Government intends to compete inrepparttar 126023 new rush to proliferate nukes. These nuclear powers all haverepparttar 126024 technology to make relatively cheap and portable nuclear devices, which are so much more practical and democratic forrepparttar 126025 people, than guided missiles. Three of these powers possess these portable nukes and all three are probably already selling them to customers who cannot make their own, or refuse to go torepparttar 126026 trouble and expense.

Sure, nuclear contaminated conventional weapons, called dirty bombs, will have a powerful psychological effect on their victims and possible victims. Yet, a small thermonuclear device that can destroy from one quarter to all of a city would be so much better. Wouldn't you agree? I'm not talking absurdity. I'm talking reality. It is political leadership that is absurd in trying to regulate who inrepparttar 126027 world may own what weapons. "We getrepparttar 126028 good ones; you can haverepparttar 126029 rest, like Israel and Palestine."

Does it matter if I am destroyed by a nuclear weapon planted by a terrorist or a missile from some nation state? In fact, I do prefer that it be a small nuke affecting fewer of my neighbors. Where can I buy that insurance, from Homeland Security? I don't think so. How long would Saddam have held power in Iraq if an ex patriot or other enemy could have planted a small nuclear device near a Baghdad palace he frequented? How long would Castro, Stalin, Mao or Idi Amin have lasted?

The Ironies Of MASH

Written by Stephen Schochet

The TV show MASH ran for 11 years taking nearly every opportunity to bashrepparttar US involvement withrepparttar 126013 Korean War, which was actually an allegory for Vietnam. Many episodes showed a moral relativism betweenrepparttar 126014 US side andrepparttar 126015 communists,repparttar 126016 doctors(withrepparttar 126017 exception of Frank Burns) made no distinction betweenrepparttar 126018 wounded and often talked about declaringrepparttar 126019 war a tie so they could go home.

The MASH set sometimes was a tense place to work, especially inrepparttar 126020 early years. One episode featured a sniper who was eventually shot by an army helicopter. Alan Alda objected torepparttar 126021 use of gunfire to settlerepparttar 126022 issue, some onrepparttar 126023 writing staff pointed out that he had recently played an armed sheriff who had drawn his gun in a TV movie which angeredrepparttar 126024 star who retreated to his dressing room.

Some who worked onrepparttar 126025 show speculated thatrepparttar 126026 pro-feminist Alda had problems reconciling playingrepparttar 126027 skirt chasing Hawkeye. Although, he was always professional he stayed aloof inrepparttar 126028 early years ofrepparttar 126029 show, going to his dressing room whenever there was tension onrepparttar 126030 set. Part ofrepparttar 126031 job of beingrepparttar 126032 star is setting standards of behavior forrepparttar 126033 cast, but Alda just wanted to deliver his lines, contribute his creative ideas, and fly home to New Jersey on Friday. One time he was asked to record a video greeting to Navy stations, he refused claiming it would encouragerepparttar 126034 troops to prolongrepparttar 126035 Vietnam war. Even at Christmas he remained withdrawn refusing to buy any presents forrepparttar 126036 cast and crew, going against traditional television star rituals.

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