Written by Irvin L. Rozier

MY CLASSMATE CONNIE by Irvin Rozier 10/08/04

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ONCE HAD A CLASSMATE NAMED CONNIE SHE HAD A CRUSH ON A BOY NAMED DONNIE SHE WANTED TO GET HIS ATTENTION

Some Technical Treason and six ways to speed up your P.C..

Written by Tranni D'Electric

Some Technical Treason.

Six ways to effectively speed up your P.C.

1.Place it on Jet, as close as possible torepparttar front. 2.Increase your ram by putting him on growth hormones. Fasten your P.C. onto your enhanced ram, taking care not to hinder or compromise his circulation. Then whip him with a U.S.B. hub, atrepparttar 118130 end of two metres of cable. 3.Now this is a beauty! Give it maximum acceleration with an aircraft carrier "elastic thing"! 4.Swith your P.C. "on". 5.Takerepparttar 118131 aforementioned Jet for a spin.

Now, shoud your P.C. be too fast, replace it with yourself and repeat steps 1,2,3, and step two, again.

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