Written by The Bogside Artists

“MURALS” ( A brief excerpt from our book )

The abstract notion of ‘society’, much touted by politicians, is, of course, a shibboleth. Society isrepparttar sum total of human relationships especially those we designate as "role-playing". Man is a social being and his life is by definition contextual. How he relates to himself, his work, his friends, his past, his present, his future, his family andrepparttar 126029 world in general determines his life and defines him. Fromrepparttar 126030 wastelands ofrepparttar 126031 social pariah torepparttar 126032 media touted ‘pillar ofrepparttar 126033 establishment’ is a broad spectrum indeed. It is a spectrum explored by satirists in general and by many ofrepparttar 126034 major playwrights. Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, for example, is essentially an expose ofrepparttar 126035 craziness of man as a social being. The theatre deals expressly with all aspects of social relationships. Is theatrical expression political? How can it not?

Painting deals with context quite consciously. Context is as much a theme of Manet’s ‘Dejeuner Sur L’herbe’ as it is of Beckett's “En Attendant Godot”. It is as much exemplified in Picasso's Guernica as it is inrepparttar 126036 work of Magritte and De Chirico. All art is social. All art is therefore political in essence. Whether it becomes overtly political or covertly political has as much to do with context, as it has to do withrepparttar 126037 artist himself. A portrait of Hitler would be a revered object in a Neo-Nazi's lair but in a Jewish synagogue it would be something else entirely, if indeed it managed to hang there for more than ten seconds. Just as a man can attain immediate notoriety by streaking inrepparttar 126038 wrong place atrepparttar 126039 right time so careerists inrepparttar 126040 art world manipulate context in order to win maximum attention for themselves. Advertisers too like Benetton have not been slow to learnrepparttar 126041 trick. Therefore, to label certain artists as 'political' is simply to say they are 'overtly' political inrepparttar 126042 same way as a pickpocket is conspicuously a thief whilerepparttar 126043 retailer who overcharges for his merchandise is merely a 'respected businessman'. Both are playingrepparttar 126044 same game. The word is notrepparttar 126045 thing.

How we relate to things will have a lot to say aboutrepparttar 126046 choices we make. After all, bigotry itself and its extreme manifestation racism, is at heart a relationship problem. The antithesis ofrepparttar 126047 ugly andrepparttar 126048 beautiful is primarily a contextual problem whose parameters are always shifting. Consequently, modern art critics, bereft of any normative frame of reference in our time are all at sea as to what constitutes ‘good’ art and what ‘bad’. Wily businessmen like Saatchi and Saatchi and unscrupulous curators everywhere are ever ready to capitalize on their ignorance and onrepparttar 126049 befuddlement ofrepparttar 126050 public in general.

Sincerepparttar 126051 ‘scandalous’ arrival of Duchamp’s urinalrepparttar 126052 use of context has become a favorite weapon inrepparttar 126053 artist’s armatorium. From that point of view there is really nothing new about Hirst’s work. Surrealism, as a movement outside of its psychological pretensions, was pragmatically an investigation into context. Inrepparttar 126054 era of New Age thinking, of course, and technological “advancement” all this seems like old hat these days but in their time these cultural statements were radical inrepparttar 126055 extreme.

The Power Behind Words...

Written by George Papazoglou

If you had a magic wand, how would you use it?

What do Actors, Politicians, Businessmen, Marketers, Diplomats, Writers and other influential classes of people use, to gain our loyalty and reliance?

? what? It'srepparttar dominant Power of Words.

Think about it...

 Most, if not all ofrepparttar 126028 recognizable authorities in virtually every industry, accrue their success torepparttar 126029 Power of Words.

 Words are your "stealth" mental weapon to virtually achieve every goal you set. 

 Using Words like a Magic Wand, you can:

* Indirectly compel people to be in agreement with you.

* Improve your social affairs and gain recognition.

* Getrepparttar 126030 job you always wanted.

* Close Multi-Million Dollar contracts.

* Seducerepparttar 126031 Opposite Sex.

* Raise Capital - Sway Investors - Lure Prospective People.

* Put into actionrepparttar 126032 Hidden Power behind Mind Control.

Plus a plethora of every kind of "achievement" you can think of.

Your life, career, business, relationships are directly affected byrepparttar 126033 way you form your correlations withrepparttar 126034 expression of words.

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