Written by Eddie Bruce

There must be millions of thieves behind bars wondering where it all went wrong. Followingrepparttar traditional methods of separatingrepparttar 105772 vulnerable from their valuables like beating up old ladies, burgling homes, etc., more often than not they fell foul ofrepparttar 105773 law. All they really need to do is move withrepparttar 105774 times.

Today, with a criminal mind and a modicum of PC savvyrepparttar 105775 ungodly can dorepparttar 105776 crime without doing time inrepparttar 105777 largely unregulated Internet sector simply by forming a company and setting up a website. The Information Highway is swarming with highwaymen disguised as businessmen and racketeers rejoicing inrepparttar 105778 title entrepreneur, relievingrepparttar 105779 unwary and naÔve of their hard-earned possessions. Meanwhilerepparttar 105780 law, ever respectful ofrepparttar 105781 man inrepparttar 105782 suit, hovers byrepparttar 105783 roadside scratching it's head, unable or unwilling to distinguish between villain and victim.

There's a multitude of businesses to choose from. Creativity, orrepparttar 105784 ability to lie glibly, is much more important than acquired skill. Why not try publishing and kill two birds with one stone? If you still haverepparttar 105785 manuscript of that potential best seller,repparttar 105786 one that's frayed aroundrepparttar 105787 edges from bouncing from one slush pile to another - hey, you could be your own first customer!

Know-how is not an essential requirement. Ifrepparttar 105788 old people you mugged in their home believed you were fromrepparttar 105789 electricity company after glancing at a fake ID, trust me, inrepparttar 105790 virtual world you can convince frustrated writers that you'rerepparttar 105791 Second Coming. For Fake ID read Impressive Website and it's a known fact that most people who can string more than two words together believe they "have a book in them." Tell them it's true by offering to give their workrepparttar 105792 chance it deserves and they're hooked! Editing? Isn't that what a PC spell-checker does?

You'll need an accountant and a lawyer, preferably Mafia trained; also a hook-up with a printing house that specialises in print-on-demand (that's like a highly sophisticated PC printer), so you don't have big print runs to worry about. "Sell a few - print a few" is your maxim and be sure to get cash up front. A "no returns" policy means no wastage. Big retail outlets, especially those that are Internet-based, will come running. Use their names in your advertising to impressrepparttar 105793 authors while convincing them that their books will adornrepparttar 105794 shelves ofrepparttar 105795 main bricks and mortar bookstores - they'll love that line.

Your web pages will be selling a dream, so don't letrepparttar 105796 truth spoil your marketing presentation. Tell those would-be authors that you're a TRADITIONAL publisher, and then offer royalties and a dollar up front to "legitimise"repparttar 105797 claim. You can say you'rerepparttar 105798 nation's Number One if you like - an equally meaningless phrase. Let them have two free copies of their own book for review purposes. Add something about sending out reviews then hit them withrepparttar 105799 clincher - ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLISHING FEE REQUIRED. All website promises can be modified later as you see fit.

Now get your hard hat on because you're about to be drowned in a deluge of slush. Sure, there's a danger that you may sign up some writers with real talent (Travis Tea's "Atlantic Nights" - -springs to mind ) but don't letrepparttar 105800 thought scare you into reading a complete manuscript. This is a hit and run, mass production operation where quantity rules over quality. Send a standard patronising acceptance. While they're still floating on cloud nine, get their signatures on an airtight seven-year contract and, WHATEVER ELSE YOU DO, make sure they give you get a list of up to 100 of their friends and family members for pre-publication targeting. Because ofrepparttar 105801 prohibitive cover price you will impose, those people could berepparttar 105802 only ones who buyrepparttar 105803 book, besides of courserepparttar 105804 author - your main target - who will have little option but to spend as much as he can afford on bulk-buying his own product for re-sale. These sales don't earn royalties. Soon you will have deprived victims of their prized possessions and all but emptied their wallets, without resorting to violence or attractingrepparttar 105805 attention ofrepparttar 105806 police.

The Author Winthin You!

Written by Leanda Wood

I always had an active imagination when I was young. I hated school, and would passrepparttar time away day- dreaming about things I should not even have known about at such a young age. I used to make up stories in my head, that would always have me asrepparttar 105771 centre of attention, like collecting an Oscar for a Hollywood film that I had starred in, or recovering from a major operation or accident. I think I was like this because I was a shy kid who lacked a lot of confidence. It was no different when I started work. Those long boring days stuck in an office with bitchy overweight girls with no meaning to their life apart from bingo on a Friday night and watching Eastenders with their doubly overweight boyfriends. I always dreamed about writing a book or acting. When I realised that I was far to old to be dreaming such girly things such as acting, I decided that I would become famous for my imagination instead. I decided to write a book. I thought about it long and hard. What do I write about? What era will it be set in? What will berepparttar 105772 background basis forrepparttar 105773 book? Who would want to read a book fromrepparttar 105774 likes of a person like me? I always liked reading aboutrepparttar 105775 Second World War. I had a morbid fascination surroundingrepparttar 105776 rise of Hitler andrepparttar 105777 Holocaust. Donít

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