MSN Beta Search Phenomenon

Written by mark white

I don't fully understandrepparttar algorithm's involved withrepparttar 127835 new

Beta search from MSN but I have to say as a site owner I love it.

After releasing my new site torepparttar 127836 World Wide Web I am already

Really impressed withrepparttar 127837 speed that I got indexed and even more

Impressed withrepparttar 127838 ranking I have been given.

I let my newest site ( ) out of its box

Less than 2 weeks ago and I have already attained a position of

3 out of 1,589,310 forrepparttar 127839 keyword search "buy dvd's online".

How is this happening?

Well I have looked at all sorts of forums relating to MSN Beta

and it seems that it genuinely searches forrepparttar 127840 most keyword

relevant site it can find.

The name ofrepparttar 127841 site in relation torepparttar 127842 keyword or words searched

for has proved as important as ever, when I searched forrepparttar 127843

keywords "free traffic tips" on msn I got as

number 1 result.

When I searched forrepparttar 127844 same keywords on googlerepparttar 127845 same

Search Engine Optimization Is For Fools?

Written by Kevin Emswiler

Do you know how to get your website onrepparttar first page of google’s search results? If you don’t, you soon will.

Regardless of how you market your website, you should takerepparttar 127834 time to learn search engine optimization. Theres no other marketing method that I know of where you can get a constant flow of free quality traffic to your website everyday.

Before I show you how to optimize your web pages, I like to make a quick point. You don’t need a large site to get great rankings on google. You could have a one page website and optimize it for one keyword, and be onrepparttar 127835 first page of googles search results for that keyword. This would be hard to achieve because google’s search engine values link popularity. Most websites will not link to yours if its only one page. Your site wouldn’t be providing any value to their readers, but a website that’s just 5 pages can be of value as long as it provides good quality information.

Now lets optimize your web pages. Optimize each of your web pages for one keyword. Put they keyword in your title, description, and keyword tags. Heres an example. Lets say your creating a website about ebay and one of your web pages is about ebay auctions. This is howrepparttar 127836 tags will look.

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