MORAL ARMOR'S Counterfeit 911: Refuting Michael Moore

Written by Ronald E. Springer

Michael Moore assertsrepparttar following in his political film Fahrenheit 9/11:

Con #1. Bush favorsrepparttar 146503 Bin Laden family over American interests. Regardingrepparttar 146504 Bin Laden family leavingrepparttar 146505 country, we as Americans don't punish people for crimes they didn't commit. Releasing them wasrepparttar 146506 civil answer. Imagine if your cousin blew up a building, would you want to go to jail for it? And what do you thinkrepparttar 146507 terrorists would have done to our families? Getting them out ofrepparttar 146508 country stemmed a potential lynching, which would have made America look as bad as our enemies. It wasrepparttar 146509 right thing to do.

Con #2. Halliburton and other war corporations are self-serving enemies of America, conspiring withrepparttar 146510 President for profit and privileges. These are public companies he is attacking. They are owned by millions of stockholders. America owns them. Moore criticized executive appointments in Iraq and Afghanistan by "exposing" their prior relationships torepparttar 146511 President, implying conspiracy. There is no immorality due to those appointed being associates ofrepparttar 146512 President, any more than showing preference in choosing his cabinet. Experienced leaders choose people they like--they don't have to field resumes.

Con #3. Our poor are preyed upon by U. S. military recruiters. Thatrepparttar 146513 poor andrepparttar 146514 middle classes dorepparttar 146515 majority ofrepparttar 146516 fighting is not a conspiracy ofrepparttar 146517 Bush presidency, but a historical fact of all armies in all nations. Upper class parents hand down a disciplined living structure to their children, whilerepparttar 146518 middle and lower class parents provide limited to no living structure, which is reflected in their economic status. Their children need and should seekrepparttar 146519 kind of discipline thatrepparttar 146520 military provides, and if they're smart, they carry that rational order into their private lives. Upper class youth already have a plan at that stage, lead self-directed lives much earlier, and therefore avoidrepparttar 146521 risk of being called into action. Moore's footage defeated his own argument in thatrepparttar 146522 kids atrepparttar 146523 upscale malls were approached directly and weren't interested; their "influential" parents obviously weren't intervening. (It's a voluntary army, Michael).

Con #4. A negative soldier's viewpoint revealsrepparttar 146524 immorality ofrepparttar 146525 war. A wounded soldier has good cause to question why he was there inrepparttar 146526 first place and to believe that war is devastatingly senseless, which is true forrepparttar 146527 aggressor. But American civilization cannot toleraterepparttar 146528 random acts of violence, which are commonplace in Islamic Fundamentalist regions, to happen here. If necessary, we have to rout them out atrepparttar 146529 source. Twenty year-olds won't haverepparttar 146530 experience to judgerepparttar 146531 policy of a nation, but should be able to comprehend right and wrong at a more basic level. We must honor those who fight for us; we must shelter our fallen, but givenrepparttar 146532 blatant horrors ofrepparttar 146533 enemy versus American life, he should know he's onrepparttar 146534 right side.

Con #5. The Iraq Dictatorship had nothing to do withrepparttar 146535 war on terrorism. If they're not terrorists, boy do they act like them. Car bombs, abductions, beheadings, anarchy and dictatorship preferred to democracy, suicide missions which murder their own people and offer no peaceful alternative; no, there's no likeness there(!). (If you question our military strategy andrepparttar 146536 countries we've chosen, look at a map). Look atrepparttar 146537 nature of our enemy. Most Americans are civil and constructive--including our troops, whilerepparttar 146538 average insurgent is aggressive and foolish as an individual. If you pulled any insurgent aside for an interview you'd see he is a poorly educated, fear-driven control-freak charged with incoherent dogmatic conclusions he never would have come to on his own. They're all psychologically trapped inrepparttar 146539 "submission/domination axis" (as Moral Armor calls it), which amounts to little more than roving criminality, veiled as an endless fight for Allah--which is only a substitution for their tantrum against ever being questioned. Their delusional dedication to an all-powerful force againstrepparttar 146540 outsiders who threaten Him ignores a crucial contradiction: If God is all-powerful then He is in no danger, and doesn't need their help.

Excerpt From An Iraqi Citizen's Blog

Written by TrysDan Roberts

To understandrepparttar toll onrepparttar 146322 people of Iraq, forgetrepparttar 146323 US cable news networks,go torepparttar 146324 people of Iraq. The following is an excerpt from one of Iraq's citizens taken from:

The cousin, his wife S. and their two daughters have been houseguests these last three days. They drove up torepparttar 146325 house a couple of days ago with several bags of laundry. “There hasn’t been water in our area for three days…” The cousins wife huffed as she dragged along a black plastic bag of dirty clothes. “The water came late last night and disappeared three hours later… what about you?” Our water had not been cut off completely, but it came and went duringrepparttar 146326 day.

Water has been a big problem in many areas all over Baghdad. Houses without electric water pumps don’t always have access to water. Today it wasrepparttar 146327 same situation in most ofrepparttar 146328 areas. They sayrepparttar 146329 water came for a couple of hours and then disappeared again. We’re filling up plastic containers and pots just to be onrepparttar 146330 safe side. It is not a good idea to be caught without water inrepparttar 146331 June heat in Iraq.

“I need to batherepparttar 146332 children and wash all these clothes,” S. called to me asrepparttar 146333 older ofrepparttar 146334 little girls and I hauled out their overnight bag. “Andrepparttar 146335 sheets- you know nothing has been washed since last weeks ajaja…” We call a dust storm an “ajaja” in Iraq. I don’t think there’s a proper translation for that word. Last week, a few large ajajas kept Baghdad in a sort of pale yellow haze. What happens when an ajaja settles onrepparttar 146336 city is that within a couple of hours,repparttar 146337 air becomes heavy and thick with beige powdery sand. Visibility decreases during these dust storms and it often becomes difficult to drive or see outrepparttar 146338 window.

On such occasions, we rush aboutrepparttar 146339 house shutting windows tightly in a largely futile attempt to keep dust out ofrepparttar 146340 house. For people with allergies or asthma- it’s a nightmare. The only thing that alleviatesrepparttar 146341 situation somewhat is air conditioning. The air feels a little less dusty when there’s an air conditioner pumping cool air intorepparttar 146342 room.

One dust storm last week was so heavy, E. slept for a couple of hours during its peak and woke up with little beige-tipped lashes fromrepparttar 146343 dust that had settled on his face while he was dozing. You can even tasterepparttar 146344 dust inrepparttar 146345 food sometimes. These storms can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Afterrepparttar 146346 ajaja is over andrepparttar 146347 air has cleared somewhat, we beginrepparttar 146348 cleaning process. By this time,repparttar 146349 furniture is all covered with a light film of orangish dirt,repparttar 146350 windows are grimy, andrepparttar 146351 garden, driveway and trees all look like they have recently emerged from a sea of dust. We spendrepparttar 146352 days after such storms washing, wiping, polishing and beating dust out ofrepparttar 146353 house.

“I’ve been dying to washrepparttar 146354 curtains and sheets sincerepparttar 146355 ajaja…” S. breathed, pulling out dusty curtains fromrepparttar 146356 plastic bag. She paused suddenly, a horrific idea occurring to her, “You have water, right? Right?” We had water, I assured her. I didn’t mention, however, that there had been no electricity forrepparttar 146357 better part ofrepparttar 146358 morning andrepparttar 146359 generator was providing only enough forrepparttar 146360 refrigerator, television and a few lights. The standard washing machine consumed too much water and electricity- we would have to userepparttar 146361 little ‘National’ washing tub, or ‘diaper machine’ as my mother called it.

The pale yellow plastic washing tub is a simple device that is designed to hold a few liters of water and to swish around said water with a few articles of clothing tossed in and some detergent. Next,repparttar 146362 clothes have to be removed fromrepparttar 146363 soapy water and rinsed separately in clean water, then hung to dry. While it conveniently uses less water thanrepparttar 146364 standard washing machine, there is also a risk factor involved- a sock or undershirt is often sacrificed torepparttar 146365 little plastic blade that swishes aroundrepparttar 146366 water and clothes.

We spent some of yesterday and a good portion of today washing clothes, rinsing them and speculating on how our ancestors fared without washing machines and water pumps.

The electrical situation differs from area to area. On some days,repparttar 146367 electricity schedule is two hours of electricity, and then four hours of no electricity. On other days, it’s four hours of electricity to four or six hours of no electricity. The problem is thatrepparttar 146368 last couple of weeks, we don’t have electricity inrepparttar 146369 mornings for some reason. Our local generator is off until almost 11 am, andrepparttar 146370 house generator allows for ceiling fans (or “pankas”),repparttar 146371 refrigerator, television and a few other appliances. Air conditioners cannot be turned on andrepparttar 146372 heat is oppressive by 8 am these days.

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