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What's your clutter keeping you from?

Written by Linda Dessau

What's your clutter keeping you from? By Linda Dessau,repparttar Self-Care Coach

So you might be asking what is clutter and why should I care about it? Clutter is essentially anything you don't need, don't want and get no joy from seeing. There might be 100's of items in your home or office right now that could be cleared away.

The cost of having a lot of clutter around you is that it:

~ Takes up physical space and energy (considerrepparttar 117076 energy it takes to constantly walk around a pile of clutter or clean up a spill caused by balancing a glass on an uneven pile of magazines).

~ Takes up mental energy (it's much easier to think of new and creative ideas when you have a clean slate around you and within you).

~ Takes up emotional energy (it's difficult to feel excited and hopeful when a pile of clutter is in your line of sight!).

What will you gain from clearing clutter? New ideas and a fresh perspective, not to mention less stubbed toes and lost phone bills! All kidding aside, in my own life it's been proven that in order to start something new I need to make space for it. It was only after I clearedrepparttar 117077 clutter from my home office that I made my commitment to become a coach and enter into coach training.

Though I'd hadrepparttar 117078 idea for awhile I was "stuck" and found that I couldn't seem to move forward with it. Karen Kingston's book (see "Resources") helped me create an environment here that got my life, and me, moving forward.

5 Tips on getting started

1) Imaginerepparttar 117079 finished product draw a sketch or just close your eyes and picture your uncluttered space looking just how you want it. Imagine what you'll do in this space and how much more effective and happy you'll be. Know what you're working towards and why.

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