MLM Training - Creating an Explosive Start with Your New MLM Distributor

Written by Doug Firebaugh have a new MLM distributor. What do you do with that person? Good question! There is a "Success Path" that we suggest following that has proven effective and powerful forrepparttar new distributor.

You MUST Schedule what we call a "Kickoff Meeting" within 72 hours after sigingrepparttar 146707 application. This isrepparttar 146708 official "kick off" of their business, and psychologically isrepparttar 146709 official opening of their doors for business withrepparttar 146710 public.This meeting lasts about an hour, and helps to educate them on most aspects of your company, products, pay plan, and training.

There are topics you need to cover withrepparttar 146711 distributor to get them going quickly! When you meet with your new MLM distributor, whether in their home or at a restaurant, be sure to cover these topics completely.

Here arerepparttar 146712 steps we have always recommended:


You must cover allrepparttar 146713 paperwork, includingrepparttar 146714 application, order, any tools they may want, and any other neccessary paperwork needed for Success in your company.


What kind of order to they want? Doesrepparttar 146715 company have certain packages to purchase? Let them decide what is best for them, and make sure they haverepparttar 146716 order paperwork filled out properly.

3.Company, Product, and Pay Plan Information.

Give them any information onrepparttar 146717 company and products they need. Keep it simple. Make sure they know whorepparttar 146718 owners are, andrepparttar 146719 history ofrepparttar 146720 MLM company.Make sure they are familar with an overview ofrepparttar 146721 product line. And coverrepparttar 146722 pay plan in general terms, DON'T COMPLICATE! And get them to a local fast start training as soon as possible.

4.Review Planner.

If your company has a Success Planner or a New Dealer Kit, then go through it with them. This will help to start focusing them intorepparttar 146723 training fromrepparttar 146724 company.

5.Review Other Tools.

What other tools doesrepparttar 146725 company have thatrepparttar 146726 new distributor will need? Make sure you cover them as well.


What kind of brochures doesrepparttar 146727 company have for marketing? Cover those withrepparttar 146728 new person, and get them familiar with these powerful visual tools.

7.Listen to any 24/7 Conference Calls.

Does your company have 24/7 recruiting or training calls that you can use? If so, let them new distributor hear them. If your company does not have them, then you may want to consider doing them yourself.

8.Upline Introductions.

Who is your upline? You need to introduce them to your new person. Call them ahead of time to insure they will be available. Have your upline welcome them aboard and offer any assistance needed.

9.Introduce and Familiarize them withrepparttar 146729 Websites.

Show your new personrepparttar 146730 website and allrepparttar 146731 details of it, includingrepparttar 146732 back office, if there is one.

Network Marketing Success- The Success Power Boost for Your MLM Business

Written by Doug Firebaugh

There is something that I have been observing overrepparttar last couple of years that seems to be a common problem with many people inrepparttar 146567 Network Marketing industry.

Many people in Home Based Businesses and Network Marketing operate their enterprises today with little or no Power of Success in them. Strategies and tactics are very important in operating your business, but evenrepparttar 146568 best tactics of prospecting and recruiting will not yield yourepparttar 146569 Success you seek, if you lackrepparttar 146570 power to drive them.

It isrepparttar 146571 same if your car was running on half power, and you were expecting it to accelerate quickly, and it does not. You get out, checkrepparttar 146572 engine, and see that everything seems ok, allrepparttar 146573 wires are plugged in, battery seems ok, you have gas, but yet it simply will not go any faster than 20 mph.


Your vehicle is lackingrepparttar 146574 “Power Boost” that it needs to go faster, and get you to your destination. It’s pistons are not firing correctly,repparttar 146575 timing is off, andrepparttar 146576 spark plugs are dirty and need cleaning, plus there is blockage inrepparttar 146577 fuel lines.

Your vehicle is missing, and missing badly.

Here is my question: Is there Blockage in your MLM Success Fuel line?

Many a Direct Sales and Home Business are 'missing" badly, just like your car, and their Success Fuel Line is blocked and “gunked up”. You do what you think is necessary to Succeed, but yet, it does not go any faster It keeps missing and going slow, and slower and slower.

You know what 'GUNK' stands for?

'Giving Up (and ) Never Knowing (Success).'

Many people give up on ever Succeeding and then pour their 'gunk' into others lives and dreams, slowing down their Success Journey.

Sound familiar?

Your Vehicle for Success has it’s fuel lines blocked byrepparttar 146578 “gunk” of other peoples’ input and opinions, and Doubt. Your Home Business is missing one ofrepparttar 146579 most important ingredients for your Success Fuel to flow. It lacksrepparttar 146580 “Power Boost” that makes Success accelerate and show up quicker and stronger. It will get you up that hill of struggle quickly and successfully.

What would that "Power Boost" be and why is it a MUST??

The Power Boost is called DECISION.

Most people have never decided to Succeed, nor get serious about their business.

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