MLM Success Training- The 5 Success Traits You MUST Have in Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh


Itís all whatís inside you that counts.

No marketing plan will ever determine your MLM success.

No product line will ever determine your Network Marketing success.

No company will ever determine your MLM success.

No upline will ever determine your Network Marketing success.


YOU and ONLY YOU will ever determine your success in MLM.

Many people operate underrepparttar illusion that something else other than themselves will determine their success, and that is a lie. The only determining factor in MLM Success is who you look at inrepparttar 150520 mirror inrepparttar 150521 morning.



Why wouldnít a sponsor or an upline determine your success? Why wouldnít an MLM company or marketing plan determine your success?


The only thing they could ever do, is facilitate and influence your success.

But :


It is not your uplineís, sponsorís, or companyís responsibility for your success. Their only responsibility is to help create and facilitaterepparttar 150522 opportunity for your success and to increase your odds of success with training and support.

Your Success is YOUR responsibility.



Butrepparttar 150523 truth.

You see, there are 2 types of people who come into MLM:

1) People who are looking for it TO WORK.

2) People who are looking for it NOT TO WORK.

The most amazing thing happens:


You ALWAYS find what you are looking for. No exceptions.

What are you looking for your business to do? Work or Not work? Whatever you are looking for isrepparttar 150524 picture you will find eventually in your business.

Your FOCUS on what to EXPECT is a HUGE part of your success in network marketing, and your focus always seems to be what you end up with in this industry. Focus on this business rocking and so it shall.

Focus on this business failing and so it shall.

Here is a MILLION DOLLAR MLM Question:

What are you honestly looking to happen in your businessrepparttar 150525 next 90 days?

Massive Action that producesrepparttar 150526 beginnings of success, or Massive Excuses that producesrepparttar 150527 beginnings of Massive mediocrity?

Itís up to you.

The 5 Million Dollar Network Marketing Traits.

There are 5 things that you need to succeed massively in MLM, and there are no options and no exceptions. They MUST be there and engaged torepparttar 150528 maximum!

1) ďA Great Work Ethic.Ē

Most amazing thing -- a lot of people that get into MLM think they have wonrepparttar 150529 lottery and donít have to work/


Many MLM distributors are looking for people who are willing to do, what they themselves arenít willing to do.

MLM Training- The 5 Success Secrets to BLAZING MLM Training

Written by Doug Firebaugh

What do you do to build a SCORCHING HOT MLM Training Program that will develop new distributors quickly? There are many answers, but we have found that there are 5 main Secrets to Training that sets new distibutor's Success onFIRE.

Network marketing training is imperative. You must have good training on many subjects, including Recruiting, Retailing, Prospecting, Contacting, Presenting, Gettingrepparttar Decision, and Building a group. Those are justrepparttar 149316 start of a solid MLM Training program.

But I have found after 22 years in this industry, that there are 5 main things that a great MLM Training program needs. Many folks who could have been superstars inrepparttar 149317 Direct Marketing industry never were, because of weak training. It had no FIRE in it, and no pattern to follow. And as you grow in MLM, there is more to learn as you build your business. That is why a SCORCHING Training program is a MUST atrepparttar 149318 beginning.

Let me be clear about something. There is a difference between Training and education. Education is classroom instruction. Training is inrepparttar 149319 trenches. It SHOWSrepparttar 149320 distributor what needs to be done, not just tell what needs to be done. So FIRST comesrepparttar 149321 education in a classroom style teaching,(can be in a hotel or living room) then comesrepparttar 149322 trenches and showing them how it is done LIVE. All great training is done in this way, and it is a powerful way to empower your Network Marketing Business. It is a SCORCHING 1-2 Punch.

What arerepparttar 149323 5 things SCORCHING Training should have?

1) A Duplicable Process.

This is common sense, and we have all heard it before. You need to have a step by step process that is easy to follow, and is a PATTERN that new folks can follow, and learn. We live in a sequenced based world, and we follow a sequence in everything we do. That is why thatrepparttar 149324 process needs to be sequenced, so it can be duplicable. If you cannot duplicate what you are doing, then you will have a hard time building any kind of a long term business.

2) Tools to Teach.

Every SCORCHING Training has Tools thatrepparttar 149325 new person can use and master. These include cds, dvds, brochures, training manuals, online training, flash trainings, conference calls training, Saturday Training events, and one on one teachings.

There is a saying that I love -- "It's not just about Talent, but TOOLS." Training Tools are necessary to bridgerepparttar 149326 gap between inexperience, and experience withrepparttar 149327 new distributor. And one ofrepparttar 149328 most powerful tools you can have atrepparttar 149329 start is a CD that you can listen to while inrepparttar 149330 car. This is a great way to learnrepparttar 149331 business, and getrepparttar 149332 information inside your soul.

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