MLM Success Requires Leadership and Professionalism

Written by Linda J Bruton

MLM can be a viable, wonderful business that enables you to reach any goals in life you wish to attain.

If you want to be successful at MLM, it is time to start thinking of yourself asrepparttar professional that you aspire to be - not as someone who sends out a different hyped-up email every week or works one of those "MLM deals."

I know that you have a burning desire to succeed because you are reading this blog. And because you do want to succeed, it is time to start thinking of yourself asrepparttar 122480 professional that every one of your prospects will expect you to be. The sooner you start thinking of yourself as a professional doing professional things,repparttar 122481 sooner you will become one.

As a professional network marketer - a heavy-hitter inrepparttar 122482 making - you are a leader, an entrepreneur, someone who believes in what you are doing. A leader is a self-starter, not someone who sits around waiting for his or her upline to dorepparttar 122483 work. A leader takes responsibility for his or her own success. They don't blame their sponsor orrepparttar 122484 program when they fail.

There are thousands of very successful people in this business who had very poor sponsors, and yet they are making thousands of dollars a month! (And you can count me as one of those). An MLM leader likes people and is concerned for their success and well being, and this is evident inrepparttar 122485 way they treat their downline andrepparttar 122486 prospects they communicate with.

It is also very evident inrepparttar 122487 programs they choose to promote. If you are concerned aboutrepparttar 122488 well-being ofrepparttar 122489 prospects you bring into this business, you won't offer them scams or get-rich-quick schemes. You will offer programs that they can be proud of, that will offer them an income for many years to come!

A leader is self-confident and enjoys what they are doing. A leader is someone who knows their own strengths and how to take advantage of them, their weaknesses and how to compensate. A leader is a continual learner as well as being a teacher.

Leaders don't wait for some guru to take them torepparttar 122490 Promised Land. They getrepparttar 122491 best map they can find, prepare themselves forrepparttar 122492 journey, and start out a step at a time.

And they keep going, even when it gets rough or they have to make adjustments to their route. I am convinced that most people can become a leader by simply deciding to be one! Once you makerepparttar 122493 decision, you'll start doingrepparttar 122494 work it requires.

How Heavy Hitters Avoid Rejection Working MLM Leads

Written by Ed Forteau

“But, these people are telling me NO and I don’t likerepparttar way that feels,” he told me.

“The same rejection, real or imagined, that make some people $10,000 per month in this industry will cause others to abandon their dreams,” I replied.

Inrepparttar 122479 MLM industry, you seerepparttar 122480 heavy hitters who know how to work MLM leads flourish no matter ifrepparttar 122481 industry is up, down or flat. Why? What do they know thatrepparttar 122482 masses buying MLM leads don’t know? How are they able to quickly and easily get through enough leads and findrepparttar 122483 right people to give them a $10,000+ per month lifestyle?

There’s a quote I use in our seminars, “The fire that burns one person warms another”.

Heavy hitters know how to get warmed and not burned in working MLM leads.

First, a couple of facts.

FACT #1 – MLM lead quality has steadily gone down overrepparttar 122484 last 10 years.

FACT #2 – The quantity of leads has risen and wellrepparttar 122485 asrepparttar 122486 number of MLM lead companies.

Fact #3 – MLM lead lists are sold over and over again. The people you call have heard their phone ring many times from these lists!

Being atrepparttar 122487 junction of these three facts is needlessly hurting tens of thousands of well intentioned MLMr’s.

Our survey of top MLM lead list buyers who make full-time incomes has revealed three critical points.

Critical point #1 – A manual phone sort after an internet automated sort is no longer enough. You used to be able to ask someone 3-4 qualifying questions and determine who you should take through your information process. Not anymore. Nowrepparttar 122488 numbers you need take through most systems are three to four times what they were just a few years ago.

Critical point #2 – Heavy hitters tell us rejection never feels like rejection if it’s from someone who truly can be successful in MLM. Itrepparttar 122489 prospect is truly high quality, they’ll take a serious look at your opportunity in a business-like fashion. That is a good feeling. This is opposite ofrepparttar 122490 millions of tire kickers and wannabees filling out lead inquiry forms as you read this. These low quality prospects drainrepparttar 122491 life blood out of you. That kind of rejection is blood curdling.

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