MLM Success- The Psychology of Objections in Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Network Marketing Success - The MLM Psychology Behindrepparttar Objection

The group I was honored to help lead was a great group, and we had a lot of great talent in it.

Butrepparttar 146045 one thing we all understood was this:


The lack of understanding about Objections in MLM will create more objections.

You see, objections are just part of this business. Plain and simple. As gasoline is to a car, or kerosene is to a fire, objections are to our business.

An objection is nothing more than a catalyst, or a map, to make something happen, or accept that nothing will happen. That is up to you, and solely up to you.

And lets be real:

No one really likes objections. At least that is whatrepparttar 146046 paradigm is forrepparttar 146047 Industry. But for whatever reason, we never are taught how to truly handle objections, only endure them.

We were all taught to embrace them, and not fear them, as they were a clue to what was going on withrepparttar 146048 prospect, and what was to be said next.

You must understand this -- All objections in MLM from a psychological standpoint stem from 1 of 2 things:

1) Natural Defense Mechanisms.

2) Lack of perceived Value.

And usuallyrepparttar 146049 defense mechanism kicks in when lack of Value is felt, although some defense mechanisms are from past experiences.

How can you create an environment to lessenrepparttar 146050 natural defense mechanisms that kick in with a lot of people?

That is simple.

Create a sense of "ownership" with your MLM prospect with your business.


The 4 Things to Create Ownership with an MLM Prospect.

1) Sincerely asking their input and thoughts on how to improve what you are doing, and take notes.

2) Edify their accomplishments and transfer that feeling to your presentation.

3) Say, "I don't know whether this is for you or not, it may not be. But I simply wanted to share some ideas and maybe get your insights."

4) "All I want is what is right for you and your family, and this may not be a fit. But if it is, I truly don't want you to miss it."

What people contribute to,(ideas, insights, etc), and feel their values are honored, that will lessen any objections, as they have taken part ownership in your success.

Stop Prospecting!

Written by Paul Harris

Now thatís a pretty dramatic statement for anyone in MLM. But what I mean isrepparttar more time you spend on personal prospecting,repparttar 145792 less time you are usingrepparttar 145793 one thing that makes Network Marketing so profitable-leverage. Your efforts alone are not what make your MLM business successful, but rather it isrepparttar 145794 efforts of many people working to build their own businesses that can makerepparttar 145795 group as a whole extremely profitable.

So, if you canít prospect, what do you do? You create a filtering system. As an analogy, a filter perfectly describes what you want to do with all of your recruiting efforts. No matter what type of filter youíre using, something gets put in one end, but onlyrepparttar 145796 things you want come out atrepparttar 145797 other end.

With respect to recruiting new people into your downline, you need to set up an automatic filtering system that uses leverage of your time and efforts so that you only personally speak withrepparttar 145798 most highly qualified prospects.

There are many different ways to set up a filtering system, but all of them utilize some type of automation. Depending onrepparttar 145799 company you are involved with, these tools can include fax on demand, voice mail messaging and replicating websites. You can implement many of these automatic filtering tools on your own even if they do not come directly from your company.

Letís use a hypothetical example as to how this can work. You generateleads through various types of marketing . In your marketing campaign these leads are directed to contact some type of automatic filtering system such as a pre-recorded voice mail message, fax on demand or possibly an e-mail autoresponder system. These prospects then receive information from your system and are then directed torepparttar 145800 next step. Depending on your preferences,repparttar 145801 prospects can be directed to a further qualifying step or can be put directly in touch with you in order for you to sign them up.

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