MLM Success- The MLM Quitters' Graveyeard of Dreams

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Leadership in Network Marketing requires sometimes to look at things in ways that others don't, to see things in ways others never will, and to think in ways others don't dare. This artice is a hard hitting article because it tellsrepparttar truth about quitting in MLM and Life. It is a different approach to quitting and tells of a different way of thinking about quitting on your dreams. It will make you think.

It's called "Leading Edge Thinking" by some folks.

And there is something that we at PassionFire callrepparttar 151206 "MLM Quitter's Graveyard of Dreams" which says it all. It reads whatrepparttar 151207 "Networking Dead" would want to say to their MLM Company and their Upline, but doesn't dare. It reads whatrepparttar 151208 "Walking Corpse of Failure" in MLM would want to say torepparttar 151209 people that go after them in most cases, but don't dare.


Inferno Secret:

Others have succeeded, BIG! HUGE! But not them.

This Tombstone in this Graveyard of Dreams was written hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, withrepparttar 151210 Letters engraved byrepparttar 151211 Pen of Inactivity, Ink of Self Doubt,repparttar 151212 Hand of Procrastination, andrepparttar 151213 Letters of Deception.

What does this Network Marketing Tombstone say?

Why would we learn from it?

How can we change ourselves before it's too late?

You decide.

Imagine, it's foggy, and raining, and you are walking inrepparttar 151214 Graveyard of Dreams, and you find this tombstone suddenly. It is old, and chipped, and cracked. You just stare at it for a minute, and then kneel down. You wiperepparttar 151215 mud off ofrepparttar 151216 marble stone, and look at it.

It reads:

Here lay a deceased Network Marketer's Dreams. Full of cancer of "Group Think" and "They know what they are talking about-itis."

The words penned but never uttered are written on this tombstone for all to see, and be advised this was not death by Natural Causes, but by Natural Excuses. Excuses taught to them byrepparttar 151217 Poisoned Anthrax ofrepparttar 151218 Mediocrity crowd.

All have regrets for listening torepparttar 151219 Death Toll ofrepparttar 151220 average:

I wished I would've Talked to more people

Sad, but true. The ring ofrepparttar 151221 death bell of MLM constantly cries out for that, because they realize too late that NUMBERS were part ofrepparttar 151222 Success Formula. They were too focused on being BUSY, and not Building a Business. They were too focused on begging People, not Building them. They were too focused on Hanging on torepparttar 151223 ones that were leading them on, notrepparttar 151224 ones who could lead them into Success…

I wished I would've been more consistent.

Woe torepparttar 151225 "Spare timers!" You can work this business either Full time, Part time, or Spare time. And most ork it Spare Time, only when they can Spare some time and "Fit it In." They will, but that will create such a lack of Oxygen for your business. The Oxygen of MOMENTUM, that you will soon find your business passing out, and then passing on.

I wished I would've trained my people, not Play-Trained them.

What is Network Marketing

Written by Daegan Smith

It seems like an easy question, but when you stop to think about it could you really give an accurate description of what network marketing is? If you were asked this question right now how would you answer it? Would you say, "It's a business where you recruit people and then they recruit more people", or could you really give someone a concise answer?

To be honest . . .

the reason why I am writing this article is because, although I have been an active network marketer for over two years, I doubt my own ability to answer this question without stumbling over my words.

According to "Network Marketing for Dummies" By Zig Ziglar and John P Hayes here isrepparttar full concise definition of network marketing (p. 2):

Network Marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of thousands of independent salespeople, or distributors. The distributors earn money by selling goods and services and also recruiting and sponsoring other salespeople who become part of their downline, or sales organizations. Distributors earn monthly commissions or bonuses onrepparttar 151130 sales revenue generated by their downline.

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