MLM Success- Money in MLM- The Three Things that Money Magnifies in Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Money is a Magnifier.

That is an awesome thought! And so true. Money is an amazing thing. It can create, and destroy. It can magnify and clarify. And it can intensify and multiply you.

But many networkers I have observed, and with my own experience, that many people who have never really had that much money before can be perceived differently once they have “hit it big” in MLM. Many people say, “They have changed…they are notrepparttar same people”.

Oh really? We need to take a closer look.

Most people today live in a financial pressure cooker. Their world revolves around that 8x10 envelope with a paycheck in it. Andrepparttar 144267 lack of money magnifies their concern forrepparttar 144268 future, and their concern for even survival.

Money also magnifies their emotions and feelings outwardly. Financial Pressure can do some interesting things to relationships and marriages. And whenrepparttar 144269 slightest “crack inrepparttar 144270 armor” appears, andrepparttar 144271 real person starts to show up, money magnifies that tremendously.

Most people today are clueless torepparttar 144272 fact thatrepparttar 144273 lack of andrepparttar 144274 abundance of money can magnify everything about them, good or bad. And many times, money can work against you as far as your life. It magnifies things that people are not aware of.

Ok….what are those things?

Money magnifies three things that will determine if you truly are wealthy or not. As my mentor taught me…”Being rich is about possessions. Being wealthy is about what you do with them”. In other words, being rich is about having a lot of money. Being wealthy is about having lifestyle to go with it.

And money can magnify your focus to a large extent in you life. There are many rich people out there who don’t live a wealthy lifestyle. Their money magnifies their fear of losing it, or not being worthy of it, or fear of not being able to repeat it.

The three things that money magnifies are:

1)“Your relationship to money”.

You either have a scarcity relationship with money, or you have an increase relationship with it. Most of how we view money we heard growing up, and it was magnified in our life:

“What do you think I am made of…money?” “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” “Money isrepparttar 144275 root to all evil”. “ Things are tight this month”. “I have enough money to pay my bills”.

THAT is scarcity thinking about money, and that is magnified in your life, and it then is magnified even more withrepparttar 144276 lack of money being constant.

If you have suddenly have money, and have never had it before, and you have a scarcity relationship with money, that will be magnified in your life. Andrepparttar 144277 money will go eventually away if you don’t change your relationship.

MLM Leads- The Top 10 Realities of Working MLM Leads

Written by Doug Firebaugh

MLM Leads-The Top 10 Realities You MUST Know About MLM Leads.

What is an MLM Lead? And why would you need an MLM lead to work? In Network Marketing, many times we run out of warm market, or we simply do not have many friends in an area. MLM leads help you to find people that are interested in a Network Marketing Home Business. They have called in either off of an ad, or maybe off of an internet site, and indicated they have an interest in a home based business.

After having worked MLM Leads for 8 years, and made over 50,000 phone calls, there are some things that you need to know. MLM leads are a great way to work MLM, but there are 10 things you need realize about MLM Leads. They can be a GOLD MINE, or an empty shaft. You must learnrepparttar difference.

1)They are NOT a guaranteed Sale or Recruit.

Just because they have indicated an interest, does not mean they are a done deal. They are simply many times “kicking tires” and checking to see what is out there. Make sure you know that they are serious about looking at your company.

2)They many times are NOT truly willing to change their life.

What a lead says, and what a lead does are 2 different things many times. You must be aware that they may change their mind once they realize they have to change some things in their life. Many people are apathetic. Move on when they show you this.

3)An MLM Lead is usually very skeptical and guarded.

This is normal. Many people who you will call, will want to get to know you first, and then take a serious look at your offer. Developrepparttar 144163 relationship, for that is what will developrepparttar 144164 Success.

4)An MLM lead is NOT a source of future Volume. Only a POTENTIAL Source.

The potential of an MLM lead can be HUGE, or nothing. That is why that you call them. There may be a gold mine waiting to be dug in that lead, or it may end up being a pile of dirt as far as potential. You must understand that. You qualify them and then make your decision if they are worth pursuing.

5)There are many leads that have been burned before with other MLM companies.

Many MLM leads you call have had a home business before, but got burned from dishonest people. They carry that “hurt” into your conversation, and you must be sensitive to it. Let them tell you about it, and you listen. You will be surprised atrepparttar 144165 good that can do for them, and you. They will respect your willingness to listen, and care.

6)An MLM Lead IS looking for something, but you must find out what that something is.

You MUST find whatrepparttar 144166 lead is looking for. Financial Security? Recognition? Training? Personal Development? Freedom? Pay for kid’s college? To quit their job? All of these are possibilities, and you must zero in on what they are looking for. Once you discover it, help them obtain it with your company.

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