MLM Success- Blazing Top 52 MLM Success Tips- Part 1

Written by Doug Firebaugh

MLM Success training for Massive MLM Success- - Part One of “The Blazing Top 52 MLM SUCCESS Tips” that will set your Network Marketing and MLM Business OnFIRE!

Time tested tactics that will set you apart fromrepparttar average Network Marketer, and keep your business stoked and totally ABLAZE! Bookmark this page and refer back to it! Send it to your Team and SET THEIR BUSINESS ABLAZE!!!

Here arerepparttar 147890 first 26 tips ofrepparttar 147891 BLAZING Top 52 MLM SUCCESS Tips:

1) "It ALL starts with a DECISION . "

Success in MLM starts with s DECISION to succeed. Most never make a decision. They instead, make a choice to TRYrepparttar 147892 business. That is howrepparttar 147893 average think and engage this MLM business. Make a Decison to Succeed- and you will.

2) “Your Heart MUST be Connected torepparttar 147894 Vision you have. ”

Your HEART isrepparttar 147895 REAL POWER in MLM Success. It must be connected torepparttar 147896 Dream that you have for your business. You can do anything you want in MLM that you set your mind to,as long as it is Powered byrepparttar 147897 HEART! People will hear your words, but FEEL your heart. Connect it torepparttar 147898 Dream.

3) “You MUST understand what Network Marketing and MLM REALLY are."

All MLM and Network Marketing will ever be are CHANGE Vehicles. They are Vehicles for Life Change that can bring a powerful Success change to people's lives and incomes. MLM is a LIFE CHANGING Agent, that can change lives in many powerful ways!

4) “Make sure that you have sent in your paperwork and order to your company FILLED OUT PROPERLY.”

Make sure that when you send in your new distributor paperwork , it is FILLED OUT PROPERLY. If it is not, it could cost you a month or two in getting a paycheck, and create unneccessary problems or delays.

5) “Schedule a Kick Off Meeting with Your Sponsor.”

A Kick Off Meeting is where you "kick off" your business, by meeting your sponsor and getting an initial business plan done, warm market list done, etc. This psychologically is a MUST, as it creates an official "Doors Opened for Business" mindset, and an official START to bulding your business.

6) “Put Your Commitment in Writing. ”

With your sponsor, create a "Commitment Letter" stating what you will commit to, and what your sponsor wll do. There is nothing more powerful than putting down on paper and crystallizing your and your sponsor's commitment. It will connect you torepparttar 147899 Success Vision in a way that only your heart will understand, and your mind will focus on.


People will enroll in Network Marketing because they are focused on enlarging their lifestyle, and future. It is aboutrepparttar 147900 house they want,repparttar 147901 car they want,repparttar 147902 security they want, and of course, even making a difference in other's lives. It is The MLM LIFESTYLE Language, and you must keep that Language in focus, for you, and your team.

8) “Makerepparttar 147903 Golden Dozen List."

When a new person comes into Network Marketing, they need to be focused on what they want their new company to bring into their life. This is called "The Golden Dozen List." This is a list ofrepparttar 147904 12 things that you want MLM to bring into your life that is not currently there. Dream of what you want in your life. Listrepparttar 147905 12 things you desire, and arepparttar 147906 bottom draw a line withrepparttar 147907 date on it, and then sign it. This will show you what you are going to be working for, and can be your "carrot" or "stick" when hard times come.

9) “Make your HOT Market List.

When you start your enterprise, you must LOOK TO THE PEOPLE THAT WILL HELP YOU- NO MATTER WHAT! This is called your HOT MARKET. No matter what you do, these arerepparttar 147908 people that will help you in any way they can, and support you in any way possible. Call these folks first.

10) “Get familiar withrepparttar 147909 Tools and Brochures your company has, and any other training tool."

Get familiar withrepparttar 147910 recruiting tools,repparttar 147911 presentation tools,repparttar 147912 training tools, and any other toolrepparttar 147913 company has. This also includes websites, webcasts, and conference calls. Learn how to USE THEM PROPERLY, and how to maximizerepparttar 147914 power within each. It is NOT just about TALENT, but aboutrepparttar 147915 TOOLS in Network Marketing.

11) “Get a calendar or planner to start focusing in onrepparttar 147916 time you will spend working your business."

Get a Franklin Planner, or some kind of Day Timer, and start scheduling your actions and tasks. Yes, you can use a palm pilot, but I have found that planners are more effective for new people. When are you going to start your business, decide how many hours are you planning on working, and then highlightrepparttar 147917 hours you are going to spend working. This will give you a visual map of what your week looks like.

12) “Ask this question- Who do I know that knows a TON of people , and will be willing to help me get started with some names?"

Call them, and tell them you need their help. Go see them, and see what kind of help they can give you as far as opening doors and referring some folks to you. You will ride their credibility, and their contacts. Yes, you must call your own warm market, but this is a great way to jump start your business and MLM Success as well.

13) “Who do you know that is VERY Successful? Write their names down."

Then call them. Ask for their help. Ask if you can come and see them, and show them what you are doing, and see if they have any suggestions in ways to marketing it, and promoting it.

What Is An MLM Sponsor?

Written by Paul Pierce of

WHAT IS A SPONSOR? by Paul Pierce of

Are you a recruiter? Or are you a sponsor? There is a big difference. A recruiter is effective at “signing up” people, and then moving on to “sign up” others. The recruiter seems to be in a frantic search to find superstars amongrepparttar crowd, and his way to “find” them is to “sign them up” and then watch and wait. The recruiter believes in “love ‘em and leave ‘em. He expectsrepparttar 147889 superstars to eventually rise torepparttar 147890 top, andrepparttar 147891 others to eventually quit. The sponsor has a different attitude. He believes that any person worth sponsoring is worth developing. The sponsor believes in “marrying”repparttar 147892 people he sponsors. The recruiter believes inrepparttar 147893 “one-night-stand”. Being a sponsor is an ongoing, continuing activity. It is this ongoing activity that creates loyalty torepparttar 147894 sponsor, and givesrepparttar 147895 sponsor serious credibility. The recruiter is a traveling salesman; once he has sold you, he is gone. The sponsor is a helper/teacher who wants you to haverepparttar 147896 training and tools you need to be successful, andrepparttar 147897 encouragement to keep plugging.

There is also a transferable concept here. Your sponsor wants you to be a sponsor. A sponsor develops other sponsors by deliberate, careful help and encouragement. A recruiter expects a born superstar.

I have six sons. Each time that I went torepparttar 147898 hospital nursery, I was a proud father of a baby boy. As I looked at those babies in that nursery, they each had a card that read either “boy” or “girl”. Not one of those cards read “superstar”. In all those trips torepparttar 147899 nursery, I never found one superstar. Superstars are “made”, they are not “born”. They are “developed”. Making a superstar takes training, encouragement, help, patience, and time. It takes being a sponsor. What does it take to become a superstar? It take a lot of attitude-type things, such as confidence, commitment, determination, credibility, etc. Where do these “attitude” type things come from? They are learned. They are taught. They are “caught”. Here arerepparttar 147900 stages ofrepparttar 147901 development of a superstar.

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