MLM Recruiting Success- 10 Commandments of MLM Recruiting in Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

The Ten Commandments of MLM Recruiting by Doug Firebaugh

1) Thou Shalt Recruit through Your prospects eyes.

So many times when we are trying to recruit, online or offline, we do not takerepparttar time to see what our prospect is seeing. Your prospect is looking through THEIR eyes, not yours, and has no clue to how you see things...the only thing that matters to them is how THEY see things...andrepparttar 141911 recruiters who takerepparttar 141912 time to learn what their prospect is looking for, what is important to them, and what isn't, will have huge success. Your prospect has a dream for their life, and you must look through that "dream lens" of theirs, and see what they are looking to happen with their life, and show them how you can help them get it.

2) Thou Shalt Focus on Relationships, not just Distributorships.

Power Recruiters in this business understand thatrepparttar 141913 Gold in this business is a long term relationship, not a short term distributorship. That is why most people cannot recruit...they are focused on a paycheck, not people...(CLUE!!!!!)Power Recruiters also know that people are more ATTRACTED to someone who cares about THEM FIRST- thenrepparttar 141914 business. You must be a friend first, before you will ever get to second base...and what makes more sense?

Recruiting for a Long term retirement producing business, or a short term paycheck? If you focus on your prospect and learn about THEM as a person, not just as part ofrepparttar 141915 process, you will find your results will skyrocket. Relationships are magnetic...Magnetize your Distributorship with Relationship Recruitng!

3)Thou Shalt Garner Leads Everyday.

Leads arerepparttar 141916 lifeblood to any distributorship. And most folks playrepparttar 141917 " Baking game" in recruiting. Instead of going out and getting new leads daily, they go out and hold onto their existing leads, and wait for them , like a cake in an oven, to bake and turn into HOT leads and ones that will come into their business. Are you a chef? or a leader? You MUST have a methodical plan and system to create and find leads daily, and to quitrepparttar 141918 "baking game"..which in reality isrepparttar 141919 "faking game" are faking at doing this business by holding onto leads that you hope will turn into prospects, even after a negative response, but never do. The Magic is inrepparttar 141920 Multiples....andrepparttar 141921 Lotto is inrepparttar 141922 List. Continue daily to get at least ONE MLM lead a day to create enough numbers to talk to that will create enough of a paycheck to talk about.

4) Thou Shalt Draw Them In.

When you recruit, you must draw your people into your "world"..We have a saying at PassionFire..."Meet them in their world, and then lead them to yours..."..What that means in order to attract and draw your prospect into your presentation or conversation, you must start in theirs ...Find out what is important to them, andrepparttar 141923 what they want out of life...then wrap your presentation around that. Ask lots of questions, and paint a picture with your words with them obtaining their dream....look them inrepparttar 141924 eyes, smile, touch their arm, nod your head, talk their language...don't get too technical...and meet them first where they are in life...and then take them to where you can lead them....that's Power Network Marketing Recruiting.

5)Thou Shalt Educate, not Regurgitate.

You must understand that Recruiting is an education process , not just informing and regurgitating facts. People want to learn...that is their nature when they are looking at doing something...but many folks "Dump" all they know on them, and suffocate them with Information, not education. Recruiting through an Education Focus is a process, step by step, not a Firehose program. And educatingrepparttar 141925 prospect also is giving themrepparttar 141926 information they want to learn about, not just what you want to talk about.(CLUE!!!)Education is a whole less intimidating way to recruit too...all you say is..."I don't know if this is for you or not ...worse thing that could happen is you could learn something.."

6) Thou Shalt Communicate Hope, Possibilities, and Belief.

Network Marketing Companies

Written by Lana Hampton

Network marketing companies are mushrooming up everywhere these days. Itís really hard to distinguish between good, reliable network marketing companies and those that are just scams. And of course there are a lot of network marketing companies in between Ė those that do have good intentions, but do not have a good track record, for whatever reasons.

So how do you chooserepparttar right network marketing companies that you should endorse? And it is indeed of supreme importance that you get attached torepparttar 141842 right network marketing companies. The wrong ones can cost you lots more than just money. So donít put your hard earned money, your time and efforts intorepparttar 141843 wrong network marketing companies. Hereís how you should go about selectingrepparttar 141844 genuine network marketing companies.

Did you know that ninety percent of all network marketing companies fail within their first two years? Look for network marketing companies that have been around for five years or more. The company has to prove that it will be there for you inrepparttar 141845 long run. Please do not invest precious resources in something that may not last beyond six months.

Find out ifrepparttar 141846 network marketing companies are well capitalized or not. Publicly traded companies are better in this regard because itís mandatory for them to disclose their financial condition in detail from time to time torepparttar 141847 SEC and other government agencies. You should make sure that these network marketing companies haverepparttar 141848 cash needed for maintaining good infrastructure, recruiting competent people, and remaining technologically advanced. They should be able to afford paying you your commissions.

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